There’s a New Sims 4 Expansion Pack Coming This Year

Yesterday, EA put out a roadmap of content coming to The Sims 4 over the next six months. It’s vague, but Sims fans at least have new stuff to look forward to.

The update, posted by an EA Community Manager on EA’s Answers forum, has confirmed that The Sims 4 development team is working on a new Stuff Pack, Game Pack and an Expansion Pack. However, none of the themes have been revealed just yet.

The Stuff Pack will be based on a community vote, which has yet to be held. Work is already underway on putting it together, but the theme of the stuff will depend on the outcome of the vote.


In describing the Expansion Pack, the update says “I think it will be a surprise to many of you”. The Game Pack is a “major first” for the team. How very cryptic – but exciting.

Alongside these three major content drops – dates of which are yet to be announced, but can be expected between now and October – the Sims 4 development team is also working on “some new surprise additions” to be added to the game over the summer.

Finally, the team is also focusing on ways to “stay home and play together” during the current coronavirus pandemic which has seen many of us across the world quarantined in our homes. Details of what this will entail have yet to be revealed, but multiplayer features have been ruled out. More information will be revealed “soon”.

You can read the full update on EA’s Answers forum.