Things You Should Do Every Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Why does everyone on this island look so surprised to see me? I’m literally trapped here.

If you’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons every day since its release you might be wondering: what should I do today? Each new day in the real world brings a new day in game with lots of options. I’m sure most of us have our own to-do list of things we want to get done each day, but it’s always important to do a few of the same tasks. Even if they might seem repetitive.

If you’re looking out for the most important things to do every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, use this list to help you.

1Talk to Your Villagers

They might annoy you or you might find them to be incredibly adorable; either way you’re stuck with most of your villagers for the long run. The more you talk to them, the more gifts you’ll receive from them and the better friends you’ll be in general.

And sometimes, if you go into their houses, they might be working on a DIY recipe and they’ll generously teach you how to make it yourself. You’ll want to talk to your villagers each and every day to see what’s going on with them. They may even ask you to help them with things for a reward.

2Redeem Your Nook Miles at the Resident Services Building

If you haven’t noticed already, every time you log into the Nook Stop at the Resident Services building, you receive some bonus Nook Miles. It is basically rewarding you for visiting it every day. The more days in a row you visit, the higher that bonus will be.

If you miss a day, it will reset and you’ll start back at the lowest number of miles you can receive. Make a point of using the machine each you start up Animal Crossing: New Horizons so you don’t miss out on those free Miles.

3Do Your Daily Nook Miles Quests

The Nook Miles daily quests are endless and you can work on them all day long to get thousands of miles to spend, but at the beginning of every day you’ll have daily quests that are worth double (or even 5x) the normal amount of miles. These quests are usually very easy to complete, so probably won’t take you very long to complete them for some extra miles.

4Mine Your Rocks and Check for the Glowing Spot

Every day you’ll want to go around your island and mine the rocks that are strewn about. These rocks will give you iron, clay, stone, and even sometimes gold. All are very valuable resources to you on your island. Once a day, one of the rocks on your island will even have a bunch of gold hidden inside of it. Using either your shovel or an axe you can hit the rock until it has dropped all of its lovely money.

Also once a day you’ll find a strange glowing spot on the ground. If you dig this spot, you’ll be awarded 1,000 bells. If you plant the money back in the ground (or more money for that matter), a money tree will eventually grown in its spot with triple the amount that you planted. You can have quite a few money trees growing if you find the glowing spot every day.

5Look Out for a Washed Up Message in a Bottle

Along with shells and coral, another item that you’ll notice washing up on your beach every day is a message in a bottle. Wayward travellers send these bottles out with DIY recipes inside of them for their fellow islanders to find.

Every day you should walk the shores of your beach looking for one or two of these bottles – you might just find something worth making. Of course, you might also find recipes you already know how to make, in which case you can sell the recipe to Timmy and Tommy. Either way, it’s worth looking.

6Look at What the Store is Selling and Check for the Hot Items

While you’ll probably be more focused on selling things your first few days in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you should also be paying attention to what Timmy and Tommy have for you to buy.

Before the new shop is built you can talk to Tommy inside of the Resident Services tent to see what he has available for sale. This will be things like tools, flower seeds, medicine, and the odd piece of furniture. But after the shop, Nook’s Cranny, is built, you’ll have a lot more options that change every day.

Every day, the store also has a “Hot Item”. It’s advertised on the sign outside the shop. Usually something you can craft, Hot Items sell for double their usual price, so it’s a good way to make some extra Bells.

7Collect Fruit

One of the most prosperous items on your island grows on trees. That’s right my friend, fruit. Fruit is one of the most valuable resources and it is definitely worth it to get every kind of fruit there is and grow it on your island. When the fruit has grown you can shake those delicious morsels free from their branch confines and sell them to Timmy and Tommy for a high price.

If you save up your native fruit and sell it on a friend’s island (providing they have a different native fruit), it will sell for more bells! You should definitely get up in the morning, stretch your legs, and go fruit hunting.

8Look Out for Visitors

You, the raccoons, and your villagers aren’t the only ones that are going to show up on your island. On occasion you’ll come across a few visitors that have flown over to sell things, invite you to visit their island or more. You’ll run into Flint the Lizard who is super into bugs, Sahara the Camel who sells carpet and wallpaper or Gulliver the Gull who often washes up on the beach and needs your help.

It’s worth taking a round trip every morning to see if anyone has come to visit. You never know what cool cat (or dog, or hippo, or camel) might show up.

9Dig Up Fossil Spots

Another valuable resource you’ll want to look out for are the fossils on the island. Blathers didn’t come and set up shop for no reason: your island is home to not only diverse bugs and fish, but fossils too. Every day you should be on the lookout for spots on the ground to dig up.

If you’re trying to fill your museum with specimens you can have these fossils assessed and donate them to Blather’s museum. If you’d rather sell them, they’ll sell for quite a high price so either way you’ll want to keep an eye out for fossils every day.