What Difficulty Should You Play Final Fantasy VII Remake On?

When beginning to play Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll be presented with a choice of difficulties. Chances are, you might be wondering which one is the best for you.

Three difficulties are available in Final fantasy VII Remake from the outset: Classic, Easy and Normal. Upon completing the game Hard difficulty also becomes available, although you can’t start a new game to make use of it.


As the difficulty can be changed at any time outside of battle in Final Fantasy VII Remake, most players should start the game on Normal difficulty. On Normal, players will get the most out of the combat, as they’ll have to effectively devise strategies and make use of both enemy weaknesses and the stagger system. For the most part it isn’t too challenging, though some bosses will put up a real fight.



Drop the game down to Easy difficulty and it’s pretty much a walk in the park. Most random encounters will be over in seconds, and many bosses can be taken down by simply attacking with all that you’ve got. Some bosses will still require you to make effective use of the game’s systems, however, especially towards the end of the game.


Classic mode is for those with fond memories of the original game’s turn-based battles. All characters will operate of their own free will, so you can just sit back and watch for the most part. When your characters’ ATB bars are full, though, you’re in charge of issuing commands to them. You’re basically just your party’s manager, directing them to victory. You can, however, take direct control of any character during combat if you wish. Combat difficulty is the same as Easy in Classic mode.


Unlocked once you’ve completed Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hard difficulty can only be used in conjunction with chapter select. Success on Hard difficulty requires mastery of the game’s systems, as enemies hit hard and are tough to take down. You’ll need to exploit their weaknesses and stagger them as much as possible. To Platinum the game, you’ll eventually need to complete every chapter on Hard difficulty.