Zombie Army 4 is Shambling Onto Stadia This Friday, Free For Pro Members

Zombie Army 4

Fancy streaming yourself some zombie-shooting action? Zombie Amy 4: Dead War is launching on Google Stadia this Friday, 1st May.

Better yet, it’ll be free for Stadia Pro members as part of their subscription. Which means that it’s free for everyone, since Pro is free for another month. If you haven’t yet signed up to take advantage of the offer, now might be the time.

The fourth game in the Zombie Army trilogy, this one’s bigger, better and gorier than ever. Hitler’s still terrorising Europe with his army of the undead, and so it comes down to you – one of four hardened heroes – to stop him in his wake. You’ll be journeying across the continent, blowing the innards out of zombies galore. Add in plenty of boss fights, environmental traps, upgrades for you and your weapons, and you’ve got one hell of an adventure on your hands.


Along with Zombie Army 4‘s launch on Stadia, developer Rebellion has also announced the game’s next DLC campaign, Blood Count. This new mission takes you to the already-spooky streets of Transylvania, where you’ll break into an abandoned castle and uncover dark occult mysteries. Blood Count’s release date has not been announced, but it’s set to  launch on all platforms soon.

Zombie Army 4 launches on Stadia Friday, 1st May. All currently available DLC will be made available for purchase on the platform, too.