2Forza Street

  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Total achievement points: 1000G
  • Price: free

Don’t go expecting true Forza action on your mobile phone, but Forza Street is good for a bit of very easy racing. Your car automatically moves forward; all you need to do is drift in and out of the corners at the right time. Oh, and you can apply some strategic boost here and there, too. It’s similar to EA’s Need for Speed app that released last year, but with Xbox’s iconic Forza branding. It first released on Windows last year, but it’s now available on iOS and Android. It’s fully integrated with Xbox Live, so you can sign in and earn achievements.

If you like the sound of joining in a few street races with minimal effort, Forza Street is probably worth picking up, but certainly stick to Forza Horizon 4 for those real racing thrills. The real thrill of this mobile game is in unlocking and collecting cars, which you can do for free, but it’s a bit of a slog.