Exercise needn’t be a chore.

In fact, if you’re a gamer, there are numerous games out there that allow you to exercise without ever moving away from your TV screen.

Nintendo Switch is an excellent platform to find exercise games on; its portability and the Joy-Con’s functions mean it’s perfectly equipped to track your movements. The same can be said for the numerous VR platforms out there, with many games designed to get you up on your feet.

Never fear; there are some options for PS4 and Xbox One owners too. Below, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best fitness and exercise games out there, covering a multitude of formats. Now there’s no excuse not to get moving!

1Beat Saber

Available on: Oculus Quest, PC, PS4 (VR headset required)

As far as VR exercise games go, one of our absolute favourites is Beat Games’ Beat Saber. Not only is it an absolutely exceptional workout, you get to wield a lightsaber. Get fit and feel a bit like a Jedi; what more could you possibly want?

Beat Saber is an energetic rhythm game. Coloured boxes fly at you as a pumping song plays, and you need to use your virtual saber to hit the boxes in time to the music. You’ll be having too much fun to realise you’re actually standing in a pool of your own sweat.

2Zumba: Burn it Up

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Zumba: Burn It Up! is all about getting you up on your feet and dancing. Or doing Zumba, more appropriately. With a library of around 30 songs, there are plenty of tracks for you to get your groove on to. You’ll follow the lead of the people on screen, and you’ll be scored based on your performance.

Don’t worry about scoring high though; for merely getting up and getting moving, we award you five stars! Read more about Zumba: Burn It Up! in our review here.

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3Just Dance 2020

Available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia

Just Dance is a yearly franchise from Ubisoft, coupling dance-driven exercise with a range of chart-topping hits. The joy of Just Dance 2020 is that you don’t need any extra peripherals to enjoy it. You can play with Move controllers and a camera on PS4 if you have them, but your controller or your smartphone with a companion app is all you need. It’s one of the best ways to exercise with PS4 or Xbox One.

Thanks to the Just Dance Unlimited subscription, you can access over 500 songs – so if you get sick of the 40 built-in songs, there’s no need to buy a new game altogether. There’s a small monthly fee for the service, though, but it keeps your exercising fresher for longer.

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4Ring Fit Adventure

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Providing you have a Switch, there is no better exercise game currently available than Ring Fit Adventure. It’s a little pricey – it comes with a proprietary ‘Ring Con’, so retails at £70/$80 – but we think it’s worth every penny. It packs in a huge range of exercises: you’ll be running, squatting, jumping and testing your resistance by squeezing your Ring Con. And best of all, the entire experience can be customised based on your own fitness levels.

Playing out like an RPG, as you progress through Ring Fit Adventure, you’ll fight enemies through the medium of exercise, as well as gain experience and run through a beautiful world. It’s hardcore – you’ll be ready to collapse after a play session – but it offers one of the best workouts available on console.

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Available on: Oculus Quest, PC, PS4 (VR headset required)

If you like boxing but don’t have the space for a full punching bag setup in your home, there’s a great alternative: BoxVR. Available on Oculus devices and PSVR, this real-life boxing simulator will push your punches to the extreme, offering you an excellent workout in the process.

You’ll be treated to a pumping soundtrack to get you motivated as you work through numerous fun workouts. BoxVR been specially crafted with support from leading fitness instructors to ensure it offers a genuine calorie-burning workout. The fact that it’s fun to play is merely a byproduct. If you own a VR headset and want a great exercise game, you can’t go wrong with this.

6Dance Central

Available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift

A VR-exclusive game from the company that brought us Guitar HeroDance Central is a dancing fitness game that puts you in the heart of the club. But don’t worry; in this club, people won’t be leering at you or drunkenly spilling their drinks on you. Instead, they’ll be wowed by your excellent dance skills. Hopefully, anyway.

Packing in a varied soundtrack, you’ll follow the lead of your choreographer as you move to the beat. There’s a range of difficulties to choose from, so if you have less rhythm than your dad after he’s had a couple of pints, don’t worry. It provides a great workout, and the virtual nightclub provides a mesmerising backdrop.

7Fruit Ninja Kinect

Available on: Xbox One (Kinect required)

Xbox One’s Kinect peripheral may have died out some time ago, but if you still happen to have one kicking around, there are some excellent exercise games available on it. One of our favourites, though, is Fruit Ninja Kinect. You remember Fruit Ninja, the mobile game that had you slicing fruit with your finger? Well, the Kinect implementation instead sees you flailing your arms to slice through those fruits.

It’s an incredibly simple premise, but it’s a lot of fun to play. And it gets you moving and jumping around surprisingly effectively. You’ll always want to strive to beat your best score, too, so there’s always reason to go back.