Whether you squeal in delight at a scary game, or run and hide behind the sofa, there’s no getting away from it: horror is one of the most popular genres.

There are plenty of great horror games on PS4, ready to try and raise your heart rate regardless of how easily you scare. Here at GameSpew we never tire of them; we’re always on the hunt for games that will terrify us, or at least put us on edge.

We’ve decided to put our experiences to good use. If you want to know what are the best horror games on PS4 you’ve come to the right place. Peruse this list and you’ll discover the best horror games that the PS4 has to offer. Why not pick one or two of them up to play this Halloween. Unless you’re too scared?

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1Blair Witch

Blair Witch 2 (1)

Based on the seminal horror film franchise, Bloober Team’s Blair Witch might just be one of the scariest games of this generation. In it, you take on the role of Ellis, a former police officer who’s heading to the infamous Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville to search for a missing boy. There’s more than a nod back to the original found-footage film here, and the legend surrounding the forest means you’ll be nervous before you even start.

It has atmosphere in droves, keeping you on the edge of your seat. And, unlike other horror games on PS4, Blair Witch doesn’t rely on an overuse of jump scares to get your adrenaline pumping. That’s not to say there aren’t a few moments to catch you out, though. Needless to say, if you’re looking for the best horror games, then you don’t get much better than Blair Witch.

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2Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 makes zombies scary again, and that’s quite an achievement.

This remake of the PlayStation classic goes beyond expectations, delivering a horror experience that’s familiar in the right ways yet also unpredictable, exciting and fresh. Anyone that’s played the original Resident Evil 2 will find themselves enjoyably toyed with, while those that haven’t will just enjoy this remake for what it is: a great horror game.

Zombies are plentiful and are harder to put down than ever, creating tense moments as you explore Raccoon City Police Department and its surrounding areas. But of course, there are bigger foes for you to worry about as well, including the mysterious Mr. X who seems to tirelessly pursue you as you go about your business.

Resident Evil 2 has everything: romance, intrigue, action and horror. It’s not just one of the best horror games on PS4, it’s one of the best games on PS4 full stop.

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3Layers of Fear

You’re never quite sure what’s happening in Layers of Fear. Perhaps you’re in a really haunted house, or perhaps the protagonist is slowly losing his mind. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both. Either way, it makes for a genuinely scary horror game, and despite being from a small studio, Layers of Fear is still one of the best available on PlayStation 4.

Make your way around an old, seemingly empty house, you’ll solve puzzles and discover clues, helping you piece together the story. You’ll soon find that you’re not entirely alone though; there’s plenty of things lurking around corners ready to scare the bejesus out of you.

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4The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2, just like its predecessor, is an action-packed example of the survival horror genre that shouldn’t be missed.

Playing as ex-police detective Sebastian Castellanos, you’ll find yourself questioning reality as you move from one harrowing situation to the next, forced to face off against a bevy of grotesque creatures. Whilst you’re fairly well-armed and quite capable of instantly dispatching some foes if you can creep up on them though, The Evil Within 2 can still pile on the scares when it wants to.

It’s scarier than the first Evil Within, managing to unsettle you in more ways and question your sanity even more. With twists around every corner, if you’re looking for the best horror games on PS4, you can’t go far wrong with The Evil Within 2.

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5Man of Medan

Although fairly short, Supermassive Games’ Man of Medan, the first game in the Dark Pictures Anthology series, packs in a hell of a lot of horror. The story follows a group of young adults who rent out a boat in order to dive in an underwater wreckage. Things don’t quite go to plan, though, when they’re hijacked by pirates and find themselves boarding an abandoned warship.

You can complete Man of Medan in three hours or so, but in that time you’ll be privy to an excellently haunting tale, some seriously hair-raising scares and more edge-of-your-seat action than you can imagine. The game’s best feature, though, is that your actions influence the outcome of the game. It’s in your hands whether everyone lives or dies. It’s truly one of the best horror games on PS4.

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Observer may seem unassuming enough from the outside, but rest assured that this unique cyberpunk horror story packs one hell of a punch.

You take the role of the titular Observer, Daniel Lazarski, a detective who has the ability to hack into people’s minds with the perplexing Dream Eater device. But it’s through hacking into the minds of those he encounters that Daniel’s perspective of the world begins to skew and warp until even reality can’t be taken as a certainty. Eventually things get very scary indeed.

Stripped down, Observer doesn’t try to overwhelm you with a flashy vision of the future, but a more terrifying one that pulses with cyberpunk ideology the entire time. If you’re interested in anything cyberpunk or psychologically terrifying, then Observer is the perfect horror game to play with the lights turned off. It’s undoubtedly one of the best horror games on PS4.

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7The Park

The Park isn’t a long experience – it’ll take you around two hours to complete – but it’s two hours that will be filled with tension and scares.

It’s hard to know exactly what’s happening in The Park. It puts you in the shoes of a mother, running around a closed amusement park looking for her lost son. It’s not entirely at it seems though; something darker is at work, and as you play, you’ll start piecing the story together. It’s sinister,and it’s got atmosphere in droves; if you’re a fan of the genre, this is a horror game on PS4 worth picking up.

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On the night of 2 February 1959, a group of nine hikers mysteriously met their demise on Kholat Syakhl in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Discovering that the tents they had erected had been torn from the inside out, investigators surmised that they had been trying to escape from an imminent threat, although the injuries sustained by the unfortunate hikers left them perplexed as to what that threat could have actually been.

Narrated by the legendary Sean Bean, Kholat has you retracing the steps of the nine ill-fated hikers in an attempt to discover once and for all what actually happened to them. In doing so however, you’re set to place yourself in similar peril. With no way to defend yourself, you’re going to have to rely on your wits and your map reading skills to see Kholat through to its chilling conclusion. Good luck!

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From Frictional Games, the developers of AmnesiaSoma is a survival horror in the same, terrifying vein. You play as Simon Jarrett, a man who finds himself in an underwater research facility with no idea how he got there or why. It’s up to you to unravel the mystery as you play, and as always, along with a story to find, there are plenty of scares waiting for you around every turn.

It’s Soma‘s creepy atmosphere more than anything that keeps the game scary. There’s no combat to be found, so a clever mix of stealth and puzzle-solving is employed in order to progress. Freaky human-like robots and a very oppressive environment make Soma stand out as a PS4 horror game you really shouldn’t miss.

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Outlast Horror

Although one of the earliest PS4 games, Outlast still remains one of the best – and one of the scariest. Put in the role of Miles Upsher, an investigative journalist, you’re sent to a run-down psychiatric hospital to find out what’s going on. Overrun with psychotic patients, everything is far from stable, and armed with only a camcorder, it’s your job to delve deep into the hospital and uncover its secrets.

Outlast‘s lack of combat makes the game only more tense; when monsters are close, your only option is to run and hide. You’re entirely vulnerable, and that makes for some truly brilliant horror moments. Along with its sequel, Outlast 2, which is also well worth picking up, it’s without a doubt one of the scariest games on PS4.

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11Until Dawn

Perhaps the ‘Telltale Games’ of horror, Until Dawn is a narrative-driven scarefest that tells the story of a group of friends spending a weekend in a house atop a remote mountain. You see, one of their friends died there the year before, and so they decide to reunite in her memory. Unfortunately, their friend wasn’t the first, and won’t be the last person to die there – if you know what I mean.

Until Dawn is all about making choices, and how you play will depend on the outcome of the story. Perhaps nobody will die; perhaps everyone will. It’s all in your hands. Only one thing is for certain: no matter what choices you make, it’s going to be one hell of a scary ride.

And, if you’ve got PSVR, it’s also worth picking up The Inpatient, a horror game set in the same universe as Until Dawn.

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12Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 completely reboots the Resident Evil formula by returning it to its true horror roots, borrowing many a convention from popular horror films and games of the past. There’s a stench of Evil Dead in there, a taste of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and an air of Condemned, but Resident Evil 7 is a masterpiece in its own right.

You play as Ethan Winters, a man who winds up at the home of the Baker family as he searches for his wife who went missing three years ago. All is certainly not as it seems though; within minutes of stepping through the door and being reunited with Mia he find himself being attacked by her and her “family”. From start to finish, Resident Evil 7 is pure nail-biting terror; without a doubt it’s one of the best horror games on PS4 – if not of all time.

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13Amnesia: Collection

Available on PC and Mac for years before finally making the leap to console, the Amnesia series has made quite a name for itself by successfully scaring the living daylights out of those brave enough to play.

All three titles in the Amnesia: Collection share the same basic gameplay template; finding yourself in a dark environment in which things don’t seem quite right, you need to explore, solve puzzles and maintain your sanity while evading the occasional grotesque creature. Played from a first-person viewpoint with no means of defending yourself however, they’re horrifically tense experiences that can easily cause you to jump out of your seat. If you don’t own a PC and have never played any of the Amnesia titles before, the Amnesia: Collection on PS4 is a must-buy.

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14Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation BAFTA

Based on the popular movie franchise, Alien: Isolation stands out from the other games on this list because it’s not filled to the brim with monsters and terror. Rather, there’s just one monster that’s terrorising you: the alien.

Alien: Isolation‘s scare factor comes from its tense atmosphere as you carefully peer around corners, wondering where the alien is going to come from. You never feel safe, and you’re always on the edge – and that makes for a fantastic horror experience. If you have a like for tense, nail-biting scares, then this is a PS4 game definitely worth adding to your collection.

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15Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home 1-min

Rooted in Thai mythology, Home Sweet Home places you in the shoes of a man called Tim.

Tim’s wife has gone missing, and so of course he’s doing all that he can to find her. But the further you get into Home Sweet Home the more you think Tim should just go home, grab a whiskey and put his feet up, because boy there’s some freaky stuff going on. His wife would understand, surely.

Home Sweet Home‘s gameplay is fairly simple. You wander around, sometimes finding your progressed blocked by simple puzzles. Every once in a while though, you encounter a paranormal entity that requires you to do some sneaking. If you’re seen a chase ensues, and unless you can find somewhere to hide in time you’re likely to find yourself dead.

It’s the set-pieces and more unusual encounters that we’ll not say too much about because of spoilers that make Home Sweet Home a horror game worth playing through. It might not be a big budget classic, but it certainly delivers on the scares.

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16Infliction: Extended Cut


Taking obvious inspiration from P.T.Infliction: Extended Cut sees you exploring a house from the first-person perspective. Things seem rather normal at first – but dare to look away for just a second, and you’ll find everything changing around you. While you’ll find yourself trekking around the same rooms time and again, the game messes with you in clever and unexpected ways, forever keeping you on your toes.

There’s little action or adventure to speak of in Infliction; its gameplay consists of you exploring the house – and a few other areas – as you attempt to dispel an evil spirit. But it packs in a whole load of atmosphere as you do. It’s tense and creepy from start to finish, and it’s a horror game you’ll struggle to put down until you’ve finished.

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