Can You Get Back to Crawfish Bay in Maneater?

Maneater’s tutorial takes place in Crawfish Bay, a lovely little holiday destination that quickly becomes a slaughtering ground. But once you’ve finished with the tutorial, can you find your way back there? Read on.

Like Grand Theft Auto 5, Maneater has a special area that’s used for the tutorial. It introduces you to the game’s controls and to give you a taste of the carnage a full grown shark can inflicted. Grand Theft Auto 5‘s snowy tutorial zone, however, is fenced off and, short of glitching or modding, there’s no way to revisit it. Can you revisit Crawfish Bay in Maneater or is it, too locked off forever?

The answer is yes, you can revisit Crawfish Bay. However, you’re going to have to wait until your bull shark has grown to “elder” size. And, since there’s no grotto in Crawfish Bay, you’re going to have to swim there.


Once you have reached elder size, fast travel back to the Fawtick Bayou grotto then, looking at the map, swim down and towards the right of the map. This might be a little tricky given that you’re larger when you were when you first visited the bayou.

You’ll find a grate that you can headbutt or tail whip, destroying it. Then, swim through the tunnel and you’ll find yourself in Crawfish Bay. There are some collectables to gather in this zone and, while it’s not as big as the other seaside zones, it gives you a little more space to explore.