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Can You Use GPS to Find a Route in SnowRunner?

Are you playing SnowRunner and wondering if you can use a GPS to find your way around the map, as you can in several other open-world vehicle games? Read on.

GPS, or satellite navigation, is a godsend if you need to drive anywhere you’ve never been before; so much so that it’s frequently used instead of physical maps. Several games, such as Grand Theft Auto 5, take the fuss out of finding a route, using in-game GPS to tell you where to turn. If you’re looking for this same facility in SnowRunner, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that there is no GPS facility in SnowRunner. You can plot waypoints on the map, but you’ll have to choose your own route. Furthermore, what might look like a clear road on the map could be marked with potholes, making it tricky to traverse. Click on a destination and you’ll see a marker showing you where it is, but it’s “as the crow flies”, meaning that if you try driving there in a straight line, you’ll probably end up in a river.

The good news is that planning your own routes and learning which paths can and can’t handle a massive truck trailer is half of the fun of SnowRunner. Yes, you might end up stuck in the mud; but extracting your vehicle, even it means doing so with another vehicle, is a real accomplishment.

So, no, there’s no GPS or auto route-planning in SnowRunner but you’ll have plenty of fun finding your own way.

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