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Catherine: Full Body is Now Available to Pre-order on Nintendo Switch

Catherine Full Body

Be like a sheep. Conform and pre-purchase!

It was announced a few months ago that Catherine: Full Body was headed to the Nintendo and now, excited players can pre-order it digitally or physically.

You might be wondering, what’s in it for me?

Set to release on 7th July, Catherine: Full Bodyfor the Nintendo Switch includes all existing add-on content from the original version that we know and love. There’s also the addition of three new voice options that reference the Persona series. If you pre-order the game physically you’ll also get a bonus Sheep Keychain while supplies last.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Catherine is a story-driven adventure puzzler game that follows Vincent who is having a difficult time in his relationship to his long-time girlfriend. When other women jump onto the scene, things get even more complicated. If that’s not enough, Vincent’s started having weird dreams at night. He finds himself trapped in a recurring nightmare where he must climb to the top of a tower of falling blocks. Fail, and he might not see the next morning.

If you’re looking for something you can play again and again, Catherine: Full Body has 13 available endings. There’s also a versus and co-op mode so you can play with friends. You can pre-order the game now on Amazon or on the Nintendo eShop.

Check out The Fall into Temptation trailer below.

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