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Call of the Sea

Check Out The Trailer for Upcoming Lovecraftian Adventure Call of the Sea

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You can’t have a showcase of games without having something inspired by H.P. Lovecraft thrown in there, can you?

Heading to PC and Xbox in late 2020, Call of the Sea is a Lovecraftian-inspired first person puzzle game that sees you take on the role of Norah. Shown off during today’s Inside Xbox stream, the trailer reveals Norah’s search across the ocean for her missing husband.

There’s a beautiful cartoon-style quality to the game’s design. It’s packed with vibrant colours that really breathe life into it. And yet, there’s an eerie, otherworldly feel that seeps through right from the very beginning. This is inspired by Lovecraft after all; what do you expect?

Call of the Sea‘s trailer is only short, showing us just over a minute of footage. It doesn’t give much away then, but it’s enough to get us intrigued about what to expect.

In an Xbox Wire blog post shared by Tatiana Delgado, Call of the Sea‘s game designer and co-founder of development studio Out of the Blue, she provides more details about what’s in store:

Call of the Sea is not a horror game. Far from it. But you might say that we are inspired by the way Lovecraft tells some of his stories. We want you to solve the mystery we have created, slowly realizing that there is more to the world than meets the eye and piecing together what has taken place before you arrived on the island. We’re after the sensation that comes when the mind tries to grasp a solution that lingers, tantalizingly, almost within reach.

During your journey in Call of the Sea we want to awaken your curiosity. You will discover remnants of a lost civilization and occult secrets while searching for clues about what fate has befallen the expedition. You will also begin to realize that things are not all as they first seem. On occasions, reality will suddenly become distorted and surreal.

We hope to give you a vivid mystery and an emotional journey. What strange secrets of the past does the island hold, and what might you unearth in your quest for the truth?”

Well, consider my interest well and truly piqued. Give the trailer for Call of the Sea a watch below, and look out for more on the game when it launches on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC in late 2020.

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