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Check Out This Helheim Hassle Gameplay Video With Developer Commentary

Helheim Hassle

We’re excited for Helheim Hassle, the new game from Perfectly Paranormal – and you should be too.

Why? Well, these guys made Manual Samuel, one of the funniest indie games of recent years. And in our interview with them earlier this year, they promised Helheim Hassle is “six times bigger and better than Manual Samuel“. A bold claim indeed.

This week, the team at Perfectly Paranormal has released a short gameplay video, featuring developer commentary. It shows one of the game’s many puzzles, and talks viewers through how to solve it. It shows the sorts of weird and wonderful mechanics that lie at the heart of Helheim Hassle – i.e. detachable limbs. You’ll see protagonist Bjørn detach his head and his arm, tossing them to out-of-reach locations in order to, er, tickle a weightlifter. What else?

This is just a very small glimpse of what’s to come from Helheim Hassle. The game will feature 14 levels with around 70 quests altogether, so you’ll be using your detached body parts in all sorts of zany ways.

Watch the gameplay video for yourself below. Helheim Hassle is set to release soon – but we don’t have a set date yet. We’ll have more on the game, which is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, when it does release.

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