Dead by Daylight Celebrating Four Year Anniversary on May 26th With New Licensed Killer Reveal

Dead By Daylight

Who will be added to the Dead by Daylight roster of killers? Only time will tell.

Developer Behaviour Interactive has just revealed that it will be celebrating Dead by Daylight’s four year anniversary with a special Twitch event on May 26.

This stream will invite panelists who will be presenting from their homes to give players a breakdown of some of the most recent developments in the game. It’ll delve into what the Dead by Daylight community has been up to – and will end with an exciting reveal of the game’s upcoming Chapter 16.


The game’s next chapter will bring new map, a new killer and a new survivor to Dead by Daylight. Exactly who those new characters will be remains a surprise, but Behaviour has confirmed that they will be part of a well known license.

According to the press release, the new chapter features a franchise that has “marked the world of horror since its inception.” Colour us intrigued! Whoever it will be, they’ll be joining likes of the existing classic killers such as Micheal Myers, Ghostface, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface.

Dead by Daylight has more than 20 million players globally across all platforms including its new mobile version which reached more than 2 million downloads only a week after its launch.

If you want to watch the Dead by Daylight anniversary stream and see the reveal of Chapter 16 live, you’ll need to tune into Twitch or YouTube at 2pm EST/7pm BST on Tuesday 26th May.