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Does Maneater Have a New Game Plus Mode?


Are you playing or looking at buying Maneater and are wondering if the game has a New Game Plus mode for when you’ve completed it? Read on.

A lot of games offer New Game Plus modes, or have them patched in at a later date. These extra modes unlock when you’ve finished the game once and offer a chance to replay the game from scratch without losing experience or, in some cases, a more challenging playthrough.

Does Maneater offer such a mode, perhaps allowing you to keep your upgrades but doubling up on difficulty? So that, instead of dealing with three bounty hunting boats at once, you’re under siege from six?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Maneater doesn’t have a New Game Plus mode, though it’s possible one will be added later. There’s also no difficulty settings so if you’re looking for an extra challenge, one that reflects how many sharks are slaughtered by humans (50-100 million a year), you’re out of luck.

The good news is that once you’ve completed Maneater‘s main mission thread, you get a new chapter, Chapter 9. This lets you keep playing, roaming around the seas, slaughtering sea life and humans as you see fit. But with no new challenges, not an awful lot is going to change.

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