Does Maneater Have Multiplayer?


Are you wondering whether you can play Maneater in multiplayer, forming your own herd of murderous sharks, or taking a bite out of other players? Here’s what you need to know.

Maneater has you playing as a bull shark, chomping your way through anything that crosses your path. At the start of the game you’ll have a lot of animal foes but as you get bigger and more powerful, you’re easily able to hold your ground. But can you pit your sharp-toothed slaughter machine against other players? Or work with other sharks to take your human foes down?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Maneater does not have a multiplayer mode, either team or deathmatch. It’s a strictly single-player game. It sort of makes sense since bull sharks (the species you play as) are generally solitary creatures.


If there’s enough interest, it’s possible that a third party modder might create a multiplayer mode for the game, as was the case with Just Cause 3. But we’d be very surprised if Tripwire Interactive went out of its way to add multiplayer to the game, since it’d involve a great deal of work.

Any multiplayer mode would also likely involve penning the players into a smaller area – if you had four players exploring Maneater’s whole world, you could easily go for half an hour without seeing another player.

So, there’s no multiplayer in Maneater – you’re stuck as a solo shark.