If you’re looking for more games like Resident Evil, look no further.

Resident Evil, a series that’s been running for nearly 25 years, is very hard to beat in the horror genre. While its numerous releases have had their ups and downs, it’s still considered one of the most important horror game series to date. Very few can rival it.

But if you’re looking for more games that capture the same horror magic of the Resident Evil series, we’ve put together a list. These games like Resident Evil are similar either in feeling, gameplay, setting – or sometimes all three. But one thing’s for sure: if you enjoy Resident Evil, you’ll likely enjoy these games too.

1Dying Light

Dying Light was one of 2015’s best games and five years on, it still holds strong. In it, you play as Kyle Crane, an undercover operative working for the GRE (Government Relief Effort). Crane is sent into the city of Harran, which has been quarantined due to a breakout of a zombie plague, and he’s tasked with securing document that could ruin the GRE’s reputation should it leak. Not long after his arrival in Harran, Crane realises that the GRE may not have the city’s best interest in mind and has to choose between his job and helping the Harran survivors.

Dying Light feels like a mash-up of three games: it’s like Resident Evil, Far Cry and Mirror’s Edge all rolled into one thanks to its open world, horror, and parkour elements respectively. That’s obviously a winning formula. [Buy on Amazon]

2Silent Hill

It may seem like a pretty obvious choice, but not including Silent Hill in this list would be something of a crime. Each Silent Hill game (with the exception of Shattered Memories and Silent Hill 4) is based in the eerie town of Silent Hill. The protagonists of each game experience the “Otherworld” — an alternate reality version of the town filled with hallucinations of a sort that take the form of gruesome monsters.

The Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises are two of the most iconic horror series of all time. For anyone who loves the first three Resident Evil games but hasn’t given Silent Hill a try, go do the thing. Now. Go on, we’ll wait.

3Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is a classic choice for some, simply for its cheesy voice acting and terrible dialogue. It tells the story of FBI Agent Francis York Morgan as he investigates a small town murder involving an 18-year-old woman. While the story is quirky, confusing and weird, its horror elements are done well and are sure to give you the heebie jeebies.

Fans of Resident Evil will love the creepy aspects and are likely to enjoy its memorable characters. You’ll be eating your own “Sinner’s Sandwich” by the end of it, and telling your friends all about it, I guarantee. [Buy on Amazon]

4Alan Wake

In Alan Wake, you take on the titular role; an author struggling with a bout of writer’s block. Alan and his wife Alice take a vacation to Bright Falls in the hope that Alan’s creative juices will soon start flowing, but things quickly take a turn for the seriously weird. Alice goes missing and suddenly Alan starts to find pages from a book with his name on it that he hasn’t written yet. Things get even worse when the horrific scenes from the book start to come true.

Alan Wake’s story is what sets it apart from most other games in the genre, but like Resident Evil, it’s packed with atmosphere and creepy monsters. Together, that makes it one of the most memorable survival horror games of all time. [Buy on Amazon]


ObsCure, to the untrained eye, is a near carbon copy of the original Resident Evil. Set in a high school in America, it follows a group of teenagers looking for their missing friend. The game is set in a overly complex building with hidden secret rooms, it has an annoying inventory system and the characters are straight out of a B-movie. ObsCure plays with a similar fixed angle perspective, it makes you go through silly puzzles to unlock doors and it has a horrible secret for you to uncover. You couldn’t get a game more like Resident Evil if you tried.

What ObsCure does differently, though, is equally appetising for us horror fans. Firstly, it’s fully co-op, allowing you to explore the dangerous secrets that await with a friend in tow. Each character has a unique skill, and any one of them can die, leaving nothing but a trace of their existence as you carry on playing with the remaining party members. ObScure is not simply a love-letter to the survival horror genre — it is a forgotten classic in its own right. Just don’t play the underwhelming sequel.

6Daymare: 1998

Daymare 1998 3 (1)

Daymare: 1998 is interesting, because it in fact started out life as an unofficial Resident Evil 2 fan remake. Obviously, it’s become its own thing – but it shares many similarities to the Resident Evil series as a result. Expect zombies, jump scares, dark corridors, an annoying inventory management system and more – yep, it packs in everything you like (and don’t like) about the Resident Evil series.

It’s an indie game, so Daymare: 1998 is perhaps not as polished as an actual Resident Evil game would be. But for fans of the series, it’s certainly worth picking up. Rather than being a Resident Evil-like cash-in, it tries to do its own thing too, playing with the genre in new ways. They don’t always pay off, but it’s a worthwhile play all the same.

7The Last of Us

top 10 last gen games

Arguably one of the best survival horror games of all time, The Last of Us puts you in the shoes of Joel and Ellie, survivors of a mutant virus outbreak that has all but destroyed the world. The infected have spread their disease throughout the United States until most of civilisation is practically destroyed.

It’s Joel’s job to protect the young Ellie and travel with her to a facility in Salt Lake City in order to find a cure for the virus. The Last of Us is a heart-wrenching tale of survival with hardcore action elements as well as stealth elements for those that like to sneak around and take things slow. It’s not quite as pure horror as the Resident Evil series – but it has more than a handful of similarities. [Buy on Amazon]

8Dead Space

In Dead Space, you play as Isaac Clarke, a ship systems engineer sent in to address a distress signal sent out by the USG Ishimura. After a malfunction, Clarke’s ship crashes into the Ishimura and, not long after, the crew members are attacked by grotesque aliens and are forced apart.

With his engineering skills, Isaac must fight off the terrible monsters that have taken over the ship, find out what happened, and get the hell off as fast as he can. Dead Space has an incredibly tense atmosphere and gruesome setting, making it an overall truly horrifying experience, just like Resident Evil. Except set in space.

9The Evil Within

The Evil Within made it to this list easily, not only because it was directed by Resident Evil’s creator Shinji Mikami, but because it often feels very much like a Resident Evil game at times. It follows Krimson City police detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates a gruesome mass murder at Beacon Mental Hospital. While investigating, the team is transported into another world where they’re forced to fight a multitude of horrific entities while trying to escape the mysterious place where they’ve been transported.

Expect a strange story, lots of gore, untrustworthy characters, a weird save system, and more elements like Resident Evil during your playthrough. It’s a must, whether you’re a fan of Resident Evil or the horror genre in general. [Buy on Amazon]