Guilty Gear Strive Has Been Delayed to Next Year

Guilty Gear Strive

Bad news fighting game fans. Guilty Gear Strive, Arc System Works’ latest entry in the popular series, will no longer release towards the end on 2020.

In a message to fans posted by the Arc Sytem Works’ official Twitter account, Guilty Gear Strive Producer Takeshi Yamanaka has revealed that the title has been pushed to early 2021. The reason you can probably guess: development delays due to COVID-19.

The game being delayed does also have somewhat of a silver lining, however. Additional time has been scheduled to improve the quality of the game based on feedback from the recent closed beta. So, when the game does eventually release, it should hopefully be as good as it can possibly be, satisfying series fans.

You can take a look at the message posted by Takeshi Yamanaka below. And be sure to give the Arc System Works Twitter account a follow to keep up with further Guilty Gear Strive developments.