How Deep Can You Go in Maneater?

Maneater 2 (1)

Wondering how deep you can dive in Maneater, and what animals you might find at the bottom of the ocean? Read on.

“It’s better, down where it’s wetter”, argued Sebastian, The Little Mermaid‘s talking crab. The prospect of drowning or being mauled to death by a giant squid doesn’t seem all that appealing, to be honest, but if you’re Maneater‘s mega bull-shark, you’d have fewer problems. But how low can you go in Maneater, if you forget about eating people and just keep diving down?

Not all that deep, as it turns out. The deepest zone in the game is The Gulf which, according to the game’s own waypoint system, is 128m deep. So you could lose the Statue of Liberty in Maneater’s depths, but not the London Eye.


In The Gulf’s deep zone, you’ll encounter Sperm Whales and Orca, as well as other sharks. There are no giant or even medium-sized squid, so you won’t be encountering anything you can’t handle. However, Sperm Whales usually prefer much deeper waters; and while you can swim around the base of an oil rig, commercial oil rigs are typically much larger. So it seems like Maneater’s developer, Tripwire Interactive, has just gone with whatever it felt worked.

Either way, you’ll find more people to eat up on the surface, so if you’re looking to live up to the game’s name, that’s the place to be.