How Long Does it Take to Beat Mafia II: Definitive Edition?

Mafia II (1)

Being an open world game, you might find yourself wondering how long it takes to beat Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

The truth is, while Mafia II: Definitive Edition may seem like an open world game, there’s not actually a great deal to do outside of progressing the game’s story. Because of that, the majority of players will be watching the credits roll after about 12 or so hours of play.

There are collectables to find, however, which may add a few hours playtime for some. There are also multiple difficulties, so some might want to play through it multiple times. Three expansions are included in the Definitive Edition of the game as well, adding a further 15 hours or so of gameplay. Overall, players should expect to get about 30 hours of gameplay out of Mafia II: Definitive Edition if they want to complete everything it has to offer.