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How to Fast Travel in Maneater


Are you slaughtering your way around Maneater’s bays and bayous but want to save time by fast travelling? Here’s what to do.

Maneater unlocks its zones as you swim your way through it but there are occasions when you’ll want to travel back to a previous zone, particularly if you’re trying to get every collectible. The good news is that there is a fast travel option in Maneater, though it only applies to zones you’ve already visited and it’ll only take you back to that zone’s grotto.

Here’s how to fast travel in Maneater:

  • Firstly, make sure you’re not in combat. Even if you’re not attacking a creature, it’s possible there’s something after you so wait a second to check.
  • Then, bring up the map (press d-pad up on the Xbox One and PS4) and move the cursor over a grotto, on of the cave icons on the map.
  • Hit the appropriate button to fast travel (X on the Xbox One)

Hey presto, you’ll be transported to the grotto of your choice. This grotto will also become the place you respawn if you’re killed by shark hunters, sea life or are daft enough to still be flopping about on land when your shark’s oxygen runs out.

The only place that doesn’t have a grotto is Crawfish Bay, essentially the game’s tutorial area, so you’re going to have to swim from Fawtick Bayou if you want to revisit your mother’s old stomping ground.

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