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How to Save Your Game in Maneater


Wondering how to save your game in Maneater, Tripwire’s recently released shark game? Here’s what you need to know.

Despite being a bull shark, a lot other creatures will try and take a bite out of you in Maneater. No matter how big you get, even the tiniest predators will snap at you, unless you invest in the appropriate upgrade. And then there’s the bounty hunters who, for some reason, object to you eating all those humans. So how do you save your game to minimise the impact of their attacks?

The good news is, you don’t have to. Maneater auto saves, so if the worst comes to the worst and you end up with a torpedo through your skull, you won’t have to replay the game for long to get back to where you were.

However, you can also save by swimming or fast traveling to a grotto, which absolutely guarantees that Maneater will save your progress. Whether you saved at a grotto or not, when you load a game or respawn, you’ll start at the nearest grotto to where you died.

You are presented with three save slots when you start a new Maneater game, but you can only use one of those slots within a game. So if you choose to invest all your minerals in upgrading one of your shark’s evolutions and no longer have the resources to upgrade another, there’s no way to go back. So you’ll have to go back out their and munch away until you’ve got the resources to upgrade the evolution you missed.

Either way, if you die you should, at worst, only lose a few minutes of people-eating progress.

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