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How to Save Your Game in SnowRunner

Wondering how and if you can save your game in SnowRunner? Here’s what you need to know.

You are going to come a cropper in SnowRunner. No matter how good you are at trucking, there’ll be a time when your truck is buried in mud and you’re wishing you could jump back in time. Can you save a game and reload it later? Can you even save your game at all?

The answer is yes – though SnowRunner uses autosave so it’s not as flexible as you might thing. Every few minutes you’ll see some little green cogs appear in the bottom hand right of the window, with the word “saving” above it. There’s no option to use multiple save slots, or access earlier auto-saves.

If you want to save your progress at any particular moment, you can exit to the main menu. Go back into the game and you’ll continue from that point, even if you’re stuck in the mud. You can’t load a point before your truck got stuck. However, there is a sneaky way round this.

If you get stuck in the mud, or your trailer spills, quickly go to the Xbox One dashboard, or the PS4 menu and quit SnowRunner. If you’re on PC, hit ALT-F4 or quickly go to Windows Task Manager and end the program. When you go back in, you’ll carry on from the last save, likely a few minutes before you got stuck.

However, half the fun of SnowRunner is getting your truck out of fixes, so if you’re using this method to “cheat” your way out jams, you’re doing yourself down.

Either way, you have next to no control over when the game saves so, for the most part, you’ll have to live the consequences of your truck-driving shenanigans.

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