How to Write Songs and Music in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, your sims can be whatever they want to be – providing they put in the work, that is. So how do you get your Sims to write songs? Here’s everything you need to know.

Like any skill in The Sims 4, learning how to write songs and music takes time. You’ll have to have your sim spend considerable time practising before they get any good.

The first thing you’ll need before you can set your sim on the path to being the next Lady Gaga is an instrument. Head to Buy mode and add any instrument to your Sim’s home. It doesn’t matter if you choose a guitar, piano or violin; each will allow your sims to write songs.


Once you’ve placed the instrument in your Sims 4 home, have your sim interact with it. Clicking it will bring up various options, including “Write Song”. Select that, and hey presto – your sim will begin strumming or tapping away, with a meter filling up to show their progress.

Writing a song takes a long time, however, so be patient. Your sim might need to take a break before finishing, but they can continue at any time. As your sim is writing a song, a book will appear in their inventory – that contains their part-written song. Use it, and they’ll continue writing it. Once it’s finished, your sim will then be able to play it at any point on any instrument.

It might take a few attempts before your sim writes anything that’s any good. But that’s all there is to writing songs in The Sims 4.