Learn About Human Connection in Unique Card Game Signs of the Sojourner, Out Now

signs of the sojourner

It’s always good to try and get a new perspective on things.

Developer Echodog Games has just released its new title, Signs of the Sojourner, which takes a look at how humans connect with one another. The game released on Thursday May 14th for PC and Mac via Steam and GOG.

In the game, you come into possession of a family-owned bodega after your mother passes away. You’ll begin to forge bonds with a diverse cast of characters as you journey via caravan around a near-future world that has been completely ravaged by climate change.

Your conversation with the game’s characters are played out through an emotive deck of cards where you can match symbols to try and make friends – or enemies. You can even go back to revisit old friends to engage in new conversations with them along the way.

Truly a unique concept, Signs of the Sojourner encourages the player to take it easy and consider how best to use your cards to represent your voice and connect with other characters. It might sound strange, but it is meant to be thought-provoking and different from your everyday game.

You can pick up Signs of the Sojourner on Steam and GOG for £15.49/$19.99. Give the trailer below a watch, and look out for more on the game from us later this week.