Mortal Kombat 11 Forge Guide: How to Use The Forge and Every Recipe

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Mortal Kombat 11‘s Forge allows you to make a lot of nifty items – but it’s rather mysterious. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Found in the game’s Krypt, Mortal Kombat 11‘s Forge lets your craft ‘Konsumable’ items and gear for characters which can be used in certain game modes. The first time you come across the Forge, you’ll likely have many questions. What does it do? How do I use it? It’s been designed to be as mysterious as possible – but once you get to grips with it, the Forge can be quite handy.

As you play through Mortal Kombat 11, you’ll find Forge items, though you might not know how to use them. Two or three items can be combined in the Forge, to make something new, but you’ll need to know the right combinations. You can’t just mix any old items together. You’ll find recipes in chests as you make your way through the game, but if you don’t want to wait to stumble across it, you’ll find all known Forge recipes below.


How to use MK11’s Forge

Using the Forge in Mortal Kombat 11 is pretty straightforward. You’ll first need to unlock it by visiting the game’s Krypt mode. You’ll need to pick up the Hammer of Shang Tsung, which you’ll find at the end of a straight hallway. Once you’ve got the Hammer, you can use it to break down wooden gates and weak sections of wall. By doing that you’ll be able to explore new areas. You’ll eventually stumble into an area with a large gong. Hitting it will unlock the Forge.

To access the Forge, you’ll need to head back to the main area of the Krypt, where a new area will be open. In there, you’ll find the Forge. Walk up to it and interact with it to access the crafting menu. From there, you can select the ingredients you wish to combine.

Mortal Kombat 11 Forge Recipes

Here’s a list of all known items you can create from the forge, and the ingredients needed to make them. Bear in mind you’ll also have to pay with Koins or Sould Fragments in order to use the Forge.

Amulet of Lost SoulsNecromantic Runestone, Outworld Steel
Amulet of ShinnokEnsorcelled Demon’s Heart, Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon, Ensorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls
Ancestral KatanaElement of Order, Handful of Flux
Ash of VrbadaDragon Flame, Suspended OshTekk Sunlight
Ball of Coagulated BloodCoagulated Vampire Blood, Crystalline Shard
Baraka’s Warrior’s Barbarous FaceLeather Strap, Distilled Tarkatan Rage, Battleworn Helmet
Black Dragon Butterfly KnifeObsidian Shard, Outworld Steel, Circuitry Bundle
Blacked SickleCoagulated Vampire Blood, Krystalline Shard, Synthetic Fiber
Bloodied SaiCoagulated Vampire Blood, Krypt Spider Silk
Bloodied TonfaHandful of Flux, Tygorr Hide
Bottled RageBottled Thunder, Distilled Tarkatan Rage, Dragon Flame
Broken QuiverSerpent Scales, Lost Soul Essence
Cassie Cage’s Shadow Ops NoSerial PistolDisassembled Old Pistol, Copper Plating, Outworld Steel
Cetrion’s Space OdyssaeAgeless Ironbark, Elder God’s Spark, Grave Soil
Charged Cyber CoreCharged Capacitors, Power Core, Frayed Wiring
Charged Knuckle DusterCircuitry Bundle, Copper Plating, Bottled Thunder
Crown of the Fallen PrinceEssence of Edenian Magic, Lost Soul Essence
Cyber CommunicatorCircuitry Bundle, Motherboard
Cyber SnareCopper Plating, Frayed Wiring
D’Vorah’s Darkling WeevilsGrotesque Mutated Larva, Ground Bone Dust, Zaterran Venom Sac
Electric Field GeneratorCharged Capacitors x2, Outworld Steel
Electrified TakuhatsugasaBottled Thunder, Charged Capacitors, Synthetic Fibers
Erron Black’s Pronghorn and WhiteTailRusty Antique Pistol, Tygorr Hide, Handful of Flux
Eternal SandBottled Thunder, Elder God’s Spark x2
Ethereal ArmorElement of Order, Essence of Edenian Magic, Copper Plating
Fists of Cold SteelEssence of Frost, Krypt Spider Silk
Flash GrenadeCarbon Film Resistor, Copper Plating
Force BallSerpent Scales, Suspended OshTekk Sunlight
Frost Core FragmentPowered Core, Circuitry Bundle
Frost’s Wintermeter 9,000Depowered Tekunin Core, Powered Core,Circuitry Bundle
Geras’ Chaotian Era ChaoDregs of the Hourglass, Element of Order, Stabilized Chaos
Gourd of the Eight ImmortalsCopper Plating, Elder God’s Spark
Homing MissileFrayed Wiring, Miniature Explosive Charge
Jacqui Briggs’ Left Hot ShottieBusted Black Market Gauntlet, Motherboard,Charged Capacitators
Jade’s Mistress of BojutsuMileena’s Veil, Krypt Spider Silk, Essence of Edenian Magic
Jax Briggs’ Boom of the TigerJax’s Cigar Box, Carbon Film Resistor, Circuitry Bundle
Johnny Cage’s Licensed to FightKrypt Spider Silk, Gold Ore, Remnants of a Broken Trophy
Kabal’s Trip, Catch, SlashBent Hook Swords, Copper Plating, Cordite
Kano’s Dragon StalkerDisabled Cybernetic Heart, Frayed Wiring, Synthetic Fiber
Kitana’s Scissor KisserEdenian Blade Fragment, Gold Ore, Outworld Steel
Kitana’s Winds of DestinySindel’s Brush, Essence of Edenian Magic, Serpent Scales
Kollector’s Oni ScrotebagTorn Sack, Tygorr Hide, Krypt Spider Silk
Kuai’s MedallionCopper Plating, Kytinn Spittle, Leather Strips
Kung Lao’s Eager PartnerElement of Order, Elder God’s Spark, IllFitting Dull Bladed Hat
Kytinn PheromonesCoagulated Vampire Blood, Cordite, Kytinn Spittle
Lightning ResistanceCharged Capacitors, Outworld Steel, Bottled Thunder
Liquid Nitrogen Filled ExplosivesCordite, Miniature Explosive Charge
Lit ShadesGold Ore, Circuitry Bundle, Krystalline Shard
Liu Kang’s HeadbandDragon Flame, Element of Order, Copper Plating
Liu Kang’s Rods of PenitenceZombie Chains, Leather Strips, Element of Order
Meteorite CoreMeteorite Dust, Outworld Steel
Napalm MissilesCircuitry Bundle, Miniature Explosive Charge
Necromancer’s RuneNecromantic Runestone, Ground Bone Dust
Netherstone of MagnusDragon Flame, Black Powder, Krystalline Shard
Nitara’s GemstoneCoagulated Vampire Blood, Cordite, Element of Order
Noble Kahn’s Lynx MacanaSplintered Machuathitl, Stabilized Chaos, Outworld Steel
Noob Saibot’s Shackle of SinDrahmin’s mask, Stabilized Chaos, Obsidian Shard
Poison ClawsZaterran Venom Sac, Kytinn Spittle
Polished Dog TagsBlack Powder, Copper Plating, Gold Ore
Prototype Electro RocketsUnbroken Fuse, Frayed Wiring, Miniature Explosive Charge
Raiden’s Maelstrom BringerMagically Sealed Amulet, Elder God’s Spark, Bottled Thunder
Red Dragon Beam EmitterCarbon Film Resistor, Circuity Bundle
Reiko’s ShurikenBottled Thunder, Outworld Steel
Riot GrenadeCharged Capacitor, Circuitry Bundle
RoboSek Memory UnitCharged Capacitors, Power Core, Frayed Wiring
Sack of Silver DollarsBlack Powder, Ground Pone Dust, Outworld Steel
Sacrifice StoneTygorr Hide, Ground Bone Dust, Grave Soil
Scorpion’s Katana of the RevenantFractured Katana, Dragon Flame, Leather Strips
Scorpion’s Kunai of HissoTaven’s Sword, Necromantic Runestone, Netherrealm Magma
Severed Arm of ShinnokGround Bone Dust, Suspended OshTekk Sunlight
Severed HeadGrave Soil, Necromantic Runestone
Shao Kahn’s IntimidatorDragon King Heart, Netherrealm Magma, Meteorite Dust
Shard of LifeCoagulated Vampire Blood, Element of Order, Copper Plating
Shield of Living FlameNetherrealm Magma x2, Dragon Flame
Sigil of the Red DragonNetherrealm Magma, Distilled Tarkatan Rage, Carbon Film Resistor
Silver DragonBottled Thunder, Obsidian Shard, Outworld Steel
Skarlet’s Outworld Warrior ExtractEmpty Shattered Vial, Coagulated Vampire Blood, Ground Bone Dust
Sonya Blade’s Hunter KillerAntique Training Manual, Circuitry Bundle, Frayed Wiring
Special Forces ComPower Core, Circuitry Bundle, Copper Plating
Special Forces RadioFrayed Wiring, Circuitry Bundle, Copper Plating
Static Shield GeneratorCharged Capacitors x2, Carbon Film Resistor
SubZero’s Kuai Liang’s Frosty ArsenalCracked Lin Kuai Bombshell, Black Powder, Unbroken Fuse
Takeda’s KunaiSynthetic Fiber, Handful of Flux
Tekunin Emergency ReceiverFrayed Wiring, Carbon Film Resistor, Circuitry Bundle
Transmute Hearts (50)Coagulated Vampire Blood x2, Element of Order
Transmute Koins (5,000)Gold Ore x2, Copper Plating
Transmute Souls (250)Lost Soul Essence x2, Necromatic Runestone
Tremor SpikeMeteorite Dust, Netherrealm Magma
Upgraded Military BootsHandful of Flux, Copper Plating, Circuitry Bundle
Venom Laced MissileKytinn Spittle, Miniature Explosive Charge
Water God’s ArtifactElder God’s Spark, Handful of Flux