No Man’s Sky is Headed to Xbox Game Pass

No Man's Sky

Explore the outermost reaches of space when No Man’s Sky lands on Xbox Game Pass next month.

No Man’s Sky has had a long and complicated history. Many thought that the game might be the biggest flop in years upon release. But developer Hello Games never gave up on the game; after numerous updates, additions and changes, it’s now become a huge success story.

With that being the case, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to playing the game as part of their membership on both Xbox One and PC.


If you’ve never played before, now’s a great time to jump into the action. Last year saw No Man’s Sky’s “Beyond” update which improved greatly upon the multiplayer experience, and since then the team have continued to provide regular free updates.

Those that download No Man’s Sky can expect even more continued updates planned for the rest of 2020. The game’s addition to Xbox Game Pass for PC also marks No Man’s Sky becoming available on the Windows Store for the first time.

If you’ve always wanted to play the game then look out for No Man’s Sky, heading to Xbox Game Pass this June.