Psychological Horror What Happened is Set to Release in July

Guide a suffering teenager through a dark and sinister world in upcoming horror game What Happened.

Publisher Katnappe and developer Genius Slackers have recently released details about their upcoming psychological horror game, What Happened, set to launch on PC via Steam this coming July.

In What Happened, players step into the shoes of Stiles, a high school student suffering from intense depression and anxiety. Players will have to help Stiles save himself from strange forces urging him towards self-destruction. What Happened will have puzzles for players to solve as well as enemies trying their hardest to stop you.


What Happened is a unique exploration of anxiety, depression, but ultimately hope and will likely tug at the heart strings of many of its players.

While the game will initially release for PC only, there are plans for a console release at a later date.

You can wishlist the game on its Steam page and check out the chilling trailer below.