Tips to Win at Red Dead Redemption 2’s Gambler Challenges

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure video game set in the the Wild West.

It chronicles the adventures of Arthur Morgan and his gang as they run from the town of Blackwater. On the run from bounty hunters and federal agents, Arthur and his gang pillage and shoot their way through America.

Along with all the shoot-outs you’ve come to love with this series, Red Dead Redemption challenges your gambling skills. These RDR2 challenges reward you with Dead Eye XP and various other perks.


Daniel Bennet, site editor at Jackpot City Casino Canada, shares his expertise with us to help guide us to success when playing Red Dead Redemption 2‘s gambler challenges.

1. Win 5 hands of Poker

The first of the RDR2 challenges you need to complete is simple enough. This challenge is where strategy comes in handy. Outsmart your opponents and win five hands of Poker by going all-in and bluffing your opponents into folding!

2. Double down and win 5 times in Blackjack

To win the RDR2 gambler challenge reward of 25 Dead Eye XP and $5, you need to win five times in Blackjack. The catch is that winning isn’t enough for this RDR2 challenge; you also need to double down on your hand.

If you have enough of a bank balance, you could fumble through it by just doubling down every hand and crossing your fingers.

3. Win 3 games of Finger Fillet

This game is less about gambling and more about agility. Hit the buttons as fast as you can in the right order and watch the knife fly between your fingers. This challenge must be completed quickly as there is a time limit on each round.

Your opponent performs the task first, which gives you a heads up on the buttons you’ll need to press.

4. Make a Player Bust at each poker table

This RDR2 challenge involves playing Poker at Saint Denis, Valentine, and Flatneck Station. You must make an opponent bust at each of those tables, forcing them to walk away empty-handed.

Similar to the advice for the first challenge, you can speed this process up by going all-in. If your opponent follows suit and doesn’t win, you’re on the right track.

5. Win 3 Domino rounds without drawing a tile

The best place to complete this challenge is at Home Camp, where it only costs a dollar to enter. You must win three rounds of dominos without drawing a single tile. Winning can be tough as sometimes you can’t play, but if you play smart, you should do just fine.

Make sure to get rid of your doubles before playing anything else!

6. Beat the Blackjack Dealer at 2 locations

The blackjack skills come in handy again for this RDR2 challenge. After you’ve had a chance to play RDR2 and explore a bit, you can stop in to see the dealers at Van Horn and Rhodes. Beat them both to complete the challenge.

This challenge can take a bit of time if luck isn’t on your side, come prepared with a generous bank account just in case!

7. Beat 5 Finger Fillet at each location

Before you head into the Red Dead Redemption 2 gambler challenge 8, you must complete this challenge first. You’ve had some practice with the five finger fillet in the third challenge, and now it’s time to do it again! You must beat opponents in Van Horn, Valentine, and Strawberry.

Don’t forget to watch the pattern as your opponent plays; this will give you extra time to memorise the pattern.

8. Win 3 hands of Blackjack with 3 hits or more

The Red Dead Redemption 2 gambler challenge 8 is certainly exciting! Arguably one of the hardest challenges, you must win three blackjack hands with three hits or more. That means you have to have at least five cards drawn for your win to count.

There’s no easy way to win this RDR2 challenge. Just keep hitting if you can, and get as close to 21 as possible.

9.: Win 3 games of Dominos in a row

This one is tougher than the fifth challenge because you have to win three entire games, not just rounds. The good news is that you can draw tiles during this challenge without penalty.

The in-game rulebook has tips to help you with your Domino strategy.

10. Win 3 hands of Poker in a row

You’ve explored RDR2, and finished all of the other challenges, now it’s time for the final challenge! You must win three hands of Poker in a row to complete the last of the RDR2 challenges. The RDR2 gambler challenge reward for this challenge is the Gambler Off Hand Holster.

Come prepared with enough time and money to play more than a few games, just in case you need it!