Sable is My New Favourite Animal Crossing Character

She sits in the corner of the Able Sisters’ clothes shop and, to begin with, she refuses to talk to you. But getting Sable to open up has been one of the most endearing parts of my Animal Crossing: New Horizons journey so far.

Able Sisters is a clothing shop that opens up a couple of weeks into playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Sonic lookalike Mabel will first appear in your town square, selling her wares from a market stall. But after she’s visited several times and you’ve purchased enough from her, she’ll decide she wants to set up permanent business on your island. Along with her seamstress sister Sable, she’ll open up Able Sisters, where you can buy clothing 12 hours a day.

Mabel remains front and centre of the shop, waiting just behind the door to greet you. She’ll tell you all about everything that’s for sale (whether you want her to or not). And should you dare to interact with Sable in the back, Mabel will redirect your attention back to her, telling you to leave Sable alone.


But Sable does want to talk to you. Eventually, anyway. She’s just wrapped up in her work, and doesn’t want to be distracted. Or at least, that’s what she says. But after spending almost two weeks trying to interact with her, I think she’s just shy. She badly wants someone to interact with other than her sister – but doesn’t know how to go about it.

The first time you try to speak to Sable, you’ll get nothing out of her. She’s ignorant, you’ll think. But that’s not true. Every day, speak to her, and you’ll see her personality begin to shine through.

The next few days, Sable acknowledges your presence. But she’ll still tell you she’s busy and can’t talk. After a few more days, she’ll eventually open up a little more, and she’ll thank you for visiting – but Mable will still try to shoo you away from her.

But then, something wonderful happens. One morning, I walked into the shop and Mabel excitedly greeted me, telling me that Sable hadn’t stopped talking about me and couldn’t wait to see me. I beamed, pleased to have made an impact on her. For the couple of days, Sable opened up more, and I’d witness humorous and insightful exchanges between her and Mabel.

The culmination of these interactions is that Sable eventually gives you access to custom patterns – you’ll be able to customise certain pieces of furniture with new patterns. Unlocking something new is always exciting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but for me it’s not the biggest joy in these interactions with Sable. It’s simply the pleasure of seeing her gradually come out of her shell.

Sure, Sable will never leave the confines of her sewing machine at the corner of the store. She’s a diligent worker, after all. But it’s heartwarming seeing her face light up and her mood lift as you interact with her more and more. It seems Mabel and Sable have some interesting stories to tell too – there was mention of their third sister, Label – and I hope over time I’ll be privy to more of their conversations. For now, I just feel privileged that Sable opened up to me.

If your own Sable won’t talk to you yet, don’t give up hope. Keep popping by to say hello to her every day. It’ll brighten her spirits immensely.