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Silent Hill Creeps Its Way Onto Dead by Daylight This June

dead by daylight silent hill

Behaviour Interactive has just celebrated the four anniversary of Dead by Daylight and had a HUGE announcement to make. 

It was announced a few weeks ago that Dead by Daylight’s newest killer would be a licensed character; a well-known as a horror icon. This left fans of the game trying to guess who it could possibly be. On its four year anniversary live stream today, Behaviour officially announced who their next killer and survivor would be – wait for it – Pyramid Head and Cheryl from the Silent Hill franchise. 

Talk about an unexpected reveal! But what should players expect from these new characters? Here’s some information about what their abilities will be like. 

Pyramid Head or “The Executioner” 

Pyramid Head is going to surely be a formidable foe when he enters into the fog next month. Equipped with his terrifying trademark, the Great Knife, Pyramid Head will be able to use this long sword to attack with terrifying range. The sword even goes through objects and can dig trenches in the ground that survivors will have to avoid or face the consequences. 

Additionally, Pyramid Head’s arsenal includes the Cage of Atonement which will trap victims, similarly to a hook or The Pig’s bear traps. But instead of hanging, survivors will have to deal with skill checks to avoid speeding up the sacrifice speed. 

Pyramid Head’s perks are Deathbound, Forced Penance, and Trail of Torment. Deathbound forces a survivor to scream after healing another survivor revealing their location; Forced Penance makes any survivor who takes a protection hit suffer from the broken status effect; and Trail of Torment allows Pyramid Head to become undetectable after breaking a generator. 

Cheryl Mason

Cheryl’s abilities are Soul Guard, Blood Pact, and Repressed Alliance. They’re going to be an interesting addition to the game. Soul Guard allows Cheryl to gain endurance after being healed; Blood Pact lets Cheryl stay connected with whoever the Obsession happens to be; and Repressed Alliance lets Cheryl block a generator for a limited time. 

The new map will be Midwich Elementary School, a well-known location from the first Silent Hill game. The halls of Midwich Elementary are bloody, dark, and wonderfully nostalgic of the original Silent Hill

That’s a lot of new content headed to Dead by Daylight next month. Both characters are playable on the PTB on PC right now. 

You can check out the trailer below to see both Cheryl and Pyramid Head in action. You can also go over to Dead by Daylight’s YouTube page to watch the entire stream.

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