The Medium Has Been Announced For Xbox Series X and PC

The Medium (1)

Ready for another horrifying experience by Bloober Team? The Medium is coming to Xbox Series X and PC before the year is over.

In The Medium, players assume the role of Marianne. Unsurprisingly she’s a medium, able to interact with both the real world and the spirit world. But she’s also hounded by visions, and they’re seemingly not good.

Known for games like Observer, Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, Bloober Team claims that The Medium is its most ambitious project to date. “When you change your point of view, you discover that things are more complicated and nuanced than you initially thought” said Piotr Babieno.


Those who watch the trailer for The Medium, found below, may also hear something a little familiar if they’re fans of the Silent Hill series. That’s right, the legendary Akira Yamaoka is working on the game’s soundtrack alongside Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski, creating what they call a ‘dual’ score.

Check out the official website for more information about The Medium. You can even add it to your Steam wishlist right now.