Xbox 20/20 Announced, Next-Gen Gameplay Being Shown This Thursday

Xbox Series X

You might want to tune into Inside Xbox this Thursday for a taste of what’s to come from Xbox Series X.

Streaming at 8am PT (4pm BST) on 7th May, the next Inside Xbox promises to showcase “next-gen gameplay from our global developers partners”. That doesn’t give a whole lot away – but it’ll be the first opportunity to next-gen games in action, so we are there.

The only game so far confirmed to be part of the showcase is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Revealed last week first by a live Photoshop stream and then a cinematic trailerValhalla is the next game in the legendary Assassin’s Creed series, putting players in the shoes of a Viking assassin as they face off against English knights and warriors. Ubisoft quote-tweeted Xbox’s above tweet, confirming the first Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay trailer will be part of the showcase.

What other games will be part of this week’s Inside Xbox is anyone’s guess. Some games we already know are coming to Xbox Series X might get more screen time – Cyberpunk 2077, Observer: System Redux, Hellblade 2 – or we might be in for some surprises. Either way, there’s not long to wait. Be sure to tune into the stream on Inside Xbox’s YouTube channel or Mixer at 4pm BST on Thursday 7th May. We’ll have the highlights here afterwards.

This week’s Inside Xbox is just the start of Microsoft’s plan to provide fans with information in the run up to the launch of the Xbox Series X, however. Announcing what it is calling Xbox 20/20, there will now be an event every month leading up to the launch of the console, unveiling information about the console itself, Xbox Game Studios, Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud.

Future events won’t all be of the Inside Xbox variety, either, and in July Microsoft will show off first-party games in development. So, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events announced via Xbox social media channels. Though we’ll try to keep you up to date with all the important reveals and announcements right here.