Three Fun Games to Play With Your Online Friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I don’t mean to boast, but I have almost 300 hours in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

I’ve done everything there is to do. I’m happy with all my villagers, I’ve grown tonnes of hybrid flowers and I’ve stared into the sparkling eyes of K.K. Slider as he serenades me, personally, every Saturday. But still, there’s nothing quite as fun as having your friends over to play games. While there aren’t technically any mechanics in the game that let you play with your friends, there are plenty of ways that you can arrange a meaningful get-together.

Here’s three different games you can play with your friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nothing but yourselves and a bit of ingenuity required. I’ve personally played all three with my friends – and each one was a roaring success. These aren’t the only three things you can do, either. Put your thinking caps on and use these three games as inspiration for throwing your own multiplayer fun day on your island.


Hide and Seek

Once you’ve been living on your island for a while you’ll have a lot of structures, trees and furniture to make your island really feel like home. And what better way to show off your island’s unique personality than to have your friends over for a classic game of hide-and-seek?

You can play the game however you like, but here are the rules I’ve put in place for my games of hide and seek.

  1. No hiding indoors – This makes it a little bit easier and faster for players to find each other – and it reduces the chances of your game crashing from players going in and out of buildings all the time.
  2. Something on your person must be showing – whether it be a pinky toe, the tip of your vaulting stick or something. This is a rule we put in place so that seekers wouldn’t have to be moving their cameras all over the place to look behind buildings and things like that.
  3. No hiding in a place that requires a ladder to access – This was a rule I decided on back when I didn’t have a bunch of inclines all over my island. I did this to be fair to those that might not have unlocked the ladder recipe yet. It’s a pretty insignificant rule when all your friends have put in several dozen hours into the game, though.

Musical Chairs

This game is really simple, but will definitely bring out the giggling (and the screaming). To set up musical chairs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll want to buy or craft multiple chairs. They can be any kind of chair, but I recommend stool-type seats so players can sit on it from any side. Buy your stools and set them up before your guests arrive; you can’t place furniture once guests are on your island.

You’ll want to set your chairs up in such a way that players can run in a circle around them. You’ll also need a pan flute, ocarina, or some other kind of instrument for someone to play music on.

Players will stand in a circle around the chairs (one less than however many players there are) and the host will start playing music. As soon as the host stops playing music, players must rush to sit in the chairs leaving one person left who is then eliminated. Then, move to the next set of chairs and so on and so forth until you get a winner. I gave my winner 50,000 bells as a prize, but you can also give star fragments, Sahara tickets or furniture. Or nothing! Just play for fun. It’s totally up to you.

Scavenger/Present Hunt

This game takes the longest and costs the most to set up, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable. Thanks to my best friend for the inspiration for this game! The idea is that you’ll bury a tonne of gifts around your island, some easy to spot, others more hidden, and invite your friends over to find as many as they can.

First, you’ll want to load up on wrapping paper, which you can buy from the Nook store. Next, you’ll need lots of and lots of prizes. That extra elephant slide you’ve had sitting in your storage forever, wrap it up. Got more than a few Nook Tickets? Share that wealth. Got some rocks? Hey, why not? Nothing like passing on your crap to other people right?

Just make sure to put some great prizes in there too. Your friends will have a lot more fun if they go home with bells, tickets, and cool stuff rather than a bundle of your weeds. Gather up as many prizes as you like (I buried around 75) and bury them around your island before your guests arrive. And if you forget to dig up your fossils before your friends get there, just tell them those are prizes too. I also buried a few star fragments around my island and gave a grand prize to the person who found the most.

You’ll need to make sure that everyone who plays is set to “Best Friend” status, otherwise they won’t be able to dig on your island. It’s also an idea to ask your friends to bring extra shovels in case they break part way through playing. Then, sit back, let your friends loose and enjoy the mayhem.