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Valorant is Launching to Everyone on 2nd June


Not managed to get into Valorant‘s closed beta? Worry not – your time is almost here.

Riot Games’ multiplayer game that’s already taken the world by storm is launching in just under two weeks. Valorant will be available to everyone on 2nd June.

Riot shared the news on a blog post on the game’s official site, addressing some concerns as to whether the game is ready for a wide launch. In it, Anna Donlon, executive producer, and Joe Ziegler, game director, talk openly about lessons that have been learnt through the game’s closed beta period. They address things that have gone wrong, or gone right – and they acknowledge that things might not be perfect when Valorant launches fully. But hey, it has to happen at some point. So why not now?

The main questions that Riot covers is whether the game’s anti-cheat system is ready, whether moderation tools are ready, whether the servers are ready, and whether the game itself is ready. The answer to each of those questions goes into more detail than simply ‘yes’. The blog post acknowledges that each area of Valorant will continue to update and evolve, but Riot is confident that the infrastructure will be in place for the game to successfully launch.

While Valorant will be available in most global regions on 2nd June, there are some exceptions. It won’t be launching in “regions like Vietnam” just yet. And “regions like India and the Middle East” will currently be mapped to alternative region servers – meaning players in those areas may experience higher latencies. No date has been given for a roll-out in these areas, but the blog post states “expect updates to come as we may progress here”. In other words, if you live in one of these areas, it’s a work in progress.

Read the full update from Donlon and Ziegler here.

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