What The Golf? is Coming to Switch Next Week

What the Golf? isn’t your typical golfing game, but it’s absolutely brilliant.

More of a puzzle game about putting various things around increasingly bizarre courses, it’s been available on PC via the Epic Game Store and Apple Arcade for a while. But this month, What the Golf?‘s audience is about to get bigger as the game makes its way onto Nintendo Switch.

This is excellent news for anyone who hasn’t yet played the game. Because, golf fan or not, What the Golf? is a heck of a lot of fun – and its madcap antics will be perfectly suited to the Switch. Better yet, the release will come packed with a brand new local party mode, allowing your friends and family to get involved in the action.


The two-player party mode allows you to complete head-to-head through What the Golf?‘s zany levels. Thanks to the Switch’s Joy-Cons, it’s easy to both play together at the same time, seeing who can make it to the flag first. And quite possibly getting in each other’s way as you do. Because where’s the fun in playing nicely?

Having spent some time with the game on Apple Arcade, I can tell you it’s a joy to play. Forget Tiger Woods or… some other golf person. This is the golf game you need. Just don’t expect to be hitting many golf balls. Firing yourself, your club or your house to the flag is more apt.

What the Golf? is coming to Switch on 21st May, priced at £17.99/$19.99. Pre-orders are open now, with a 25% discount. If you don’t want to wait, it’s available on the Epic Game Store or Apple Arcade now.