World War Z – Marseille Episode DLC Review

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We were surprised when Mad Dog Games’ World War Z launched just over a year ago.

There wasn’t much buzz before its release, and on the face of it it just seemed like another multiplayer zombie shooter. But then we played it and things fell into place. World War Z has filled the gap left in our lives by the absence of a new Left 4 Dead. And no game has ever thrown quite as many zombie at us, or had them stack up in order to reach higher ground and sink their decaying teeth into our meaty flesh. Needless to say, we love it.

Since then, support for the game has been grand. Mad Dog Games has bolstered its features, quashed bugs and even added additional content – all gratis. In addition to the game’s already extensive suite of variables, it has meant that players have kept on going back. The latest piece of content for the game, however, isn’t free. If you want to play through a brand spanking new episode, you need to pay. So is Marseille worth it?


“With multiple difficulty levels, mutators, characters and classes, you’ll tackle it time and time again”

Available now for £12.49/$14.99, World War Z‘s Marseille Episode DLC offers three new scenarios for players to fight their way through. And of course, like all of World War Z‘s previous episodes, it features its own cast of characters and locations. A quick cash-in it is not, even though it’s not so cheap that you’d buy in a heartbeat.

The first of Marseille’s scenarios has you making your way through city streets, and a church, looking to plunder a stash of weapons. Of the three scenarios it’s perhaps the most mundane, but it’s still entertaining. Things really pick up in the second, however, when you’re able to bask in the sun, take in the sights, and witness what is perhaps the largest zombie horde you’ve ever seen. To put an end to it, you’ll need to find missiles before launching them at various targets to block its advances.

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It’s in the third scenario that events come to a thrilling climax. Battling your way underground, you’ll eventually explore freaky pitch-black catacombs in search of explosive charges, using them to thwart an undead army’s entry point. Then you’ll take to the inner walls of the grand Fort Saint-Nicolas to defend against yet another epic zombie horde. Overall, there’s nothing truly new or out of the ordinary, but the new scenery and characters are welcome.

You can blast through the Marseille episode in an hour or so, but this is World War Z – you won’t just do it once and forget about it. With multiple difficulty levels, mutators, characters and classes, you’ll tackle it time and time again, the admission price sinking further into the back of the mind every time you do. In fact, Marseille might just prove to be our favourite World War Z episode.

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“We forgot just how good World War Z is, and the Marseille Episode DLC reminded us with aplomb”

For those serious about World War Z though, the best way to acquire the new Marseille Episode DLC is to buy the Season Pass if you don’t already have it. Alongside the new DLC episode it also includes four weapon packs, one weapon skin pack, and two character skin packs, saving you quite a bit versus buying them all separately. And who doesn’t like more choice when it comes to outfitting characters? And the new Game of the Year Edition of World War Z which includes both the base game and the Season Pass is great for those jumping in for the first time.

So, should you buy the Marseille Episode DLC for World War Z? Yes, if you still find yourself returning to the game on a regular basis, or are looking for a good reason to get back into it again. While the first scenario won’t blow you away, the other two certainly get the juices flowing, allowing you to engage in yet more highly enjoyable zombie killing escapades. We forgot just how good World War Z is, and the Marseille Episode DLC reminded us with aplomb.

World War Z – Marseille Episode DLC is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. We reviewed it on Xbox One X with a code provided by the publisher.

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