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1Calling all Xbox achievement hunters!

Xbox achievements on mobile

If you’re an achievement hunter, the Xbox One is a godsend. Why? Because all games have at least 1000 Gamerscore to collect.

That’s right, unlike the days of the Xbox 360 in which most downloadable games had achievement lists worth a paltry 200G, every game available on Xbox One can boost your Gamerscore considerably. This means that many download-only games have a small number of achievements, often worth 100G or more.

It’s no secret we’re fans of trophies and achievements here at GameSpew, though we don’t get as much time to chase them as we used to do. Every once in a while though, we come across games that just throw all of their achievements at us. So, here’s a list of Xbox One games with easy achievements. If you want to boost your Gamerscore, these are the games you should play.