You Can Purchase Half-Life: Alyx’s Soundtrack Right Now

Half-Life Alyx soundtrack

If you’ve played Half-Life: Alyx and enjoyed it, you can now experience the music of it without the faff of putting on a VR headset.

And if you haven’t played it, you can at least listen to what it sounds like, as Valve has just released Chapter 1 of Half Life: Alyx‘s soundtrack for separate purchase.

Yes, it’s Chapter 1, meaning this isn’t the full soundtrack. Titled ‘Entanglement’, it contains nine tracks from the game, but there’s plenty more to follow. Valve plans on releasing eleven chapters altogether, which will be dropped onto Steam over the next few months.


If you purchase Chapter 1 of the Half-Life: Alyx soundtrack, though, you’ll automatically get future chapters added to your library as they become available. No need to buy them all individually. It’s available right now on Steam for just £7.19.

If you own the game, you can get a 25% discount.