Zombie Army 4’s Blood Count DLC Feels Like a Waste

Zombie Army 4 Blood Count

Zombie Army 4: Dead War‘s second piece of DLC, Blood Count, launched yesterday. Sure, it’s enjoyable – but it feels like something of a waste.

“Take on the Transylvanian undead as you break into an abandoned castle,” the press released promised. But had I not been told that before playing, I’d have had no idea I was supposed to be in Transylvania. It was very much more of the same. That’s not a terrible thing – Zombie Army 4 remains a hell of a lot of fun to play – but Blood Count could have been so much more.

Transylvania is the home of vampires (or so they say), so I expected extra-creepy settings; a clear distinction from other areas already featured in past levels. And yet… it all looked the same. The same drab and dreary-looking villages. Absolutely nothing to make you think there’s anything special about this environment, which is a disappointment considering Transylvania is so iconic. Maybe when I reach the promised Transylvanian castle, I might be in for a treat?


Sadly not. The ‘castle’ was mostly just a foyer, which eventually gave way to a secret cellar. In that cellar was more of what we’ve encountered numerous times already in Zombie Army 4: weird machinery and mechanics. Sure, it’s a great aesthetic – but come on. This is Transylvania. Give me something a bit different.

My hopes were piqued a little when I spotted a new-looking creature. A bat! Finally; something to tie the location to its vampiric links. Sadly, the ‘bat’ ended up being nothing more than a slightly re-skinned creeper enemy. My character didn’t even acknowledge the visual difference. “Creeper!”, she cried, as she filled it with bullets.

Zombie Army 4 Blood Count

Admittedly, there are some really tense combat sequences in Blood Count. Each of the DLC’s four levels has at least one hair-raising battle where you feel pushed to your limits, as huge swathes of zombies engulf you. It feels more generous than previous chapters when it comes to throwing heavy weaponry at you, too. I guess it knows you’ll need it.

If you’ve got the season pass for Zombie Army 4: Dead War, by all means jump into Blood Count. It’s… fine. It’s hardly disappointing; it’s more Zombie-shooting action, which is always fun. I just wish it stood out a bit better. It feels like a missed opportunity when Transylvania could have offered so much more.