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7 Things You Might Not Know About Cyberpunk 2077

With so much information about Cyberpunk 2077 around, some tidbits might have slipped under your radar.

Usually, for a game to have as much anticipation as Cyberpunk 2077 you’d have to add happiness-altering cyberwares to the gaming community. But that’s just not necessary with CD Project Red’s upcoming release.

Among the many reasons to be excited about Cyberpunk 2077, being able to use cybernetic technology to upgrade your protagonist is right up there, and is one of the countless reasons why it’s one of the most anticipated games of all time.

But some awesome information about Cyberpunk 2077 has gone unnoticed, and knowing about these will only build up the anticipation further. So journey with us into Night City, and see all it has to offer. These are the seven things you may not yet know about Cyberpunk 2077.

The gangs and factions

It’s no surprise at all that various gangs roam the different districts in Night City, and many of these gangs have already been revealed. These are all the factions that have been confirmed so far, and the information we already know about them:

  • 6th Street: After yet another corporate war (the 4th one, to be exact) a group of people grew tired with how the police handled the events, and decided to take protection into their own hands. But in recent times, their morality has been questioned.
  • Animals: One of the most aggressive gangs in all of Night City, the Animals are an incredibly powerful faction who prioritise power. This street-fighting faction will often be used as bodyguards, and even control much of the illegal substance trade in Night City.
  • Lizzies: Very little is known about the Lizzies apart from the fact they’re obsessed with the singer Lizzy Wizzy. She is most well known for once committing suicide on stage, and then being revived by replacing her whole body with cyberware.
  • Maelstrom: This faction rose like a phoenix from the ash of previous gangs; ones that had been destroyed by the Inquisitors (a cult of people wholly against cyberware). Members of Maelstrom dress in leather and chrome while also showing off their cyberware enhancements. They’re a fierce group who will attack anyone.
  • The Mox: After the death of a well-respected sex club owner, a group of people formed The Mox to protect men and women in the same industry.
  • Scavengers: Also known as Scarvs, this gang are known for forcibly stealing cyberwares from other people. They’re dangerous, and were heavily featured in the gameplay reveal when they attack both V and Jackie Welles.
  • Steel Dragons: Formed in Japan, the Steel Dragons are known to be against the Arasaka corporation. Interestingly, the leader of the gang is actually the second son of the corporation’s owner, but the son wanted no part in Arasaka’s future vision.
  • Tyger’s Claw: Based mainly in the Japantown district, this faction prioritises MMA and skill over cyberwares. They’re known for their katanas, street bikes, and eye catching tattoos. They’re rumoured to be financially backed by Arasaka.
  • Valentino’s: This unique faction holds no land in Night City, and are feared by no other gang. The main goal of each Valentino is to seduce beautiful women. The faction meets four times a year to discuss their relationships.
  • Voodoo Boys: Voodoo Boys are one of the most feared gangs in all of Night City. They rape, murder, and torture for no apparent reason, witch victims seemingly chosen at random. They will sometimes dissect body parts for unknown spiritual reasons. The Voodoo Boys are known for their drug empire, and this is incredibly appealing to some students.
  • Wraiths: Wraiths are the biggest group of Nomads – former employees who lost their jobs, and now roam the streets and highways. However, the Nomad’s who are part of the Wraiths are much more dangerous, and will prey on the vulnerable. Their leader, Dogkiller, is rumoured to wear clothing made from human skin.

Night City is huge – just not in the way you may expect

CD Projekt Red’s most ambitious game prior to Cyberpunk 2077 was The Witcher 3, and its map was massive. There was so much for Geralt to explore and see in The Continent. Cyberpunk 2077’s map is actually smaller than this, but only in terms of horizontal size.

In an interview published in the November 2019 issue of The PlayStation Official Magazine, the Senior Concept Artist for Cyberpunk 2077 spoke about the game’s vertical size. Marthe Jonkers stated that there’s now lots “of ways of going up and down.” Night City is huge, but it’s also dense. Buildings can be explored, with each floor available, and even the districts will have different levels to them. In terms of size, it’s hard to compare Cyberpunk 2077 to anything else.

The backstory, personality and design options for V

CD Project Red has proudly shown off the customisation options for the protagonist V, and they look amazing. Players will be able to design everything about their character, including their backstory.

There are three backstory options to choose from, and each will influence V’s personality and goals in life. The first option is based on V’s childhood, and you can choose to either be a Nomad child (child of a typical worker, who then lost their job), a street kid, or a child from a corporate family. Within this you can also choose your childhood hero.

You then get to choose a key event in your character’s life, and this can be either a death of a loved one, running away from home, or the first kill. After that, you choose why V came to Night City, and the options are either because of unfinished business, an ex-lover in town, or because V has something to prove.

Then, after altering the appearance, you can adjust the attributes. These include body, intelligence, reflexes, technical and cool. You’ll have two points to begin with, and can add them to each of these categories.

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The types of clothes available

There are countless different clothing options available in Cyberpunk 2077, and each item will affect the attributes somehow.  All of the items of clothing are not known yet, but what we do know is that the clothing will be separated into six different categories.

  • Generic Chic: This is the type of mainstream clothing you’d find at most clothing stores. People don’t stand out wearing these types of clothes, and you can expect those who don’t care much for fashion to be donning these items.
  • Leisurewear: You’d typically find college students or young professionals wearing clothes of this type. Slightly more fashionable than Generic Chic, Leisurewear is for those looking for the more laid back look.
  • Urban Flash: This is for those who want to splash the cash and be noticed. Items like video jackets, or items made out of colour changing fabrics are popular in this trend. It may not be practical, but Urban Flash is for those looking to show off.
  • Businesswear: This is the style for those who wouldn’t be seen dead without a tie on. With corporations being huge in Cyberpunk 2077, expect the most wealthy to be suited and booted in the finest of formal wear.
  • Edge Runner: Perhaps the hardest style to pull off, this trend is all about wearing style and practicality. It’s an intimidating look made of synth-leather, metal hardware and padding. Expect to look even more menacing with a few bullet holes in your clothing; this is not a style for a poser.
  • High Fashion: As you may expect from the name, this is all about expensive materials and workmanship. The higher classes wear these types of clothes on a regular basis, and others can only look on in awe.

There’s also a few notable smaller trends in Night City. There’s Bag Lady Chic, which is all about looking dirty and ragged. Minimalist Fashion is for those who don’t want to wear much, and want to show off their bodies. There’s the Exotics who like to show off their alien or animal like body choices, and Naturalists who like to look neutral, and sometimes even reject cyberwares.

There will be multiple endings

It’s really no surprise considering the amount of options available in Cyberpunk 2077, but it will follow the traditional RPG format of having multiple endings. Interestingly, CD Project Red’s Story Director Marcin Blacha stated, in an interview with Inn: Poland (translated by VGC) that the story is “much grander” than The Witcher 3. This is in terms of the focus put on V’s development, and their character arc.

With multiple in-game options based on how you play the missions, and how you dress, it’s clear Cyberpunk 2077 will respond to the way you play. Moreover, with the backstory choices in character customisation affecting the side quests available, it seems apparent that even the story will change based on how you play.

Silverhand’s backstory is detailed and intense

Johnny Silverhand’s backstory is as breathtaking as his appearance at 2019’s E3. He joined the army at a young age, but soon decided to leave due to disagreeing with the cause of the battle he was forced to fight in. After leaving the army Silverhand decided to rebel, and he wanted others to do the same: this is how he came to form the band Samurai.

Johnny Silverhand’s rebellious ways don’t just stop with the band, however. Silverhand is a key character in Cyberpunk 2077, and acts as a guide for V. “There’s a city to burn down”, and Silverhand is a key person to help achieve this.

Ciri could be included

Yes, you read that correctly: Ciri could be in Cyberpunk 2077. Whether reading Sapkowski’s Witcher series, or playing CD Project Red’s adaptation, Ciri is The Lady of Space and Time. She can transport to other dimensions. At one point in The Witcher 3 she even describes seeing a world where people had “metal in their heads” and waged wars “using things similar to megascopes.” Sounds a lot like Ciri may well have seen Night City.

Now, in a brief interview with Polygon the co-founder and joint CEO for CD Projekt Red, Marcin Iwiński, and game director Adam Badowski both stated they are “tired of that question” about Ciri being involved. But, this could be a decoy as Ciri could be in the world of Night City, and has even explained she visited a city like it (perhaps even the same one) before. It’s fully possible for Ciri to be included, and with a potential Easter Egg like this planted in The Witcher 3, why not include her?

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