Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a Multiplayer RPG Coming to PC and Consoles

Almighty: Kill Your Gods

Call upon the powers of your ancestors in upcoming RPG Almighty: Kill Your Gods.

Publisher Versus Evil and developer RUNWILD Entertainment have announced Almighty: Kill Your Gods, a third person multiplayer action RPG that’s headed to PC later this year. It’s the first game from RUNWILD, a studio made up of veteran developers.

Players take on the role of an Alpha, a magical being who has inherited the powers of their ancestors. In the game, you’ll have to stand for your tribe and fight against tyrannical forces of the Elder Gods.


Players will be equipped with magical gauntlets which they can use to make devastating melee blows against their opponents. You’ll also have the ability to perform spells to take out loads of enemies all at once. With seamless multiplayer gameplay, players can team up with friends online to take down the game’s powerful demonic creatures together. And featuring dynamic sandbox elements, it means that no two games of Almighty: Kill Your Gods will feel alike.

A release date has not yet been announced, but it’s coming to PC later this year. A console release will follow at a later date. We’ll have more about Almighty closer to launch. Until then, take a peek at its gameplay and developer commentary in the video below. And for more information, visit the official website.