Be a Downtrodden Factory Robot in Quirky RPG Out of Shapes

Out of Shapes

Finding yourself in a broom cupboard, the first decision you’ll make is whether or not to smash up a pile of fragile-looking boxes.

Why? Who knows. Why anything? In Out of Shapes, a short RPG developed by One Percent Games, you’re cast into the role of a robot, destined to a life working in a factory. You don’t know what you’re making; all you know is that it’s The Product, and it’s very important. If you don’t fulfil your job, The Product won’t get made, and terrible, terrible things will happen. Probably, anyway.

As a Quality Assurance officer, it’s your job to make sure machines in the factory are running as they should be. It’s a bit of a bummer, then, when the first machine you check lets out an unholy sound, disrupting not only its own functions, but the robot working alongside it. It’s so upset by the noise that it just can’t continue working. And you know what that means: no Product.


Off you go on your first mission: to try and fix the machine. You could just submit a request, but you know how those things go. It’ll never get looked at, and by the time it does, the factory will be on its knees. You’ve no choice but to take matters into your own hands.

Out of Shapes is wonderfully quirky. Interacting with the environment will often give you options to ponder. A box labelled ‘This Way Up’ is the wrong way round. Do you turn it over? Do you leave it be? The choices you make will either grant you stat boosts or penalise you, and with multiple endings, the type of robot you turn out to be could change everything.

Out of Shapes

Although it’s a fairly short adventure, Out of Shapes packs in a lot of personality. Whether it’s your own monologue as you interact with the factory around you or talk to the other factory workers, there’s a lot to discover. It’s humorous and well written; and manages to intrigue you right from the get-go. You’ll want to push on just to find out more about the mysterious factory and The Product it’s making.

If you enjoy clever dialogue, a bit of wit and robots taking matters into their own hands, then give Out of Shapes a go. It’s available on Steam for just £6.19/$8.99.