1These exclusive games are only playable on PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn 20170514163255

The best reason to own a PS4 is for its great range of exclusive games.

While there are, of course, many brilliant third-party games available on PS4, the main reason to own one is that you can play some big budget releases that you just can’t play anywhere else. While the Xbox One X has the PS4 and even the PS4 Pro truly beat when it comes to power, when its comes to exclusive games, PlayStation 4 is the clear winner.

With so many PS4 exclusive games released since the console’s launch way back in 2013, however, you might be wondering which are the best of the best. And with that in mind we’ve assembled a list of the best PS4 exclusive games to help you. If you pick any of these up you’ll be in gaming nirvana. Of that you can be sure.

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