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Ah, Rogue Legacy. Released in 2014, it’s one of the earlier ‘new wave’ Roguelike games on PS4. And yet, it’s still one of the best. In it, you play a knight tasked with battling through a castle. Overrun with monsters, you plough on through increasingly difficult areas, trying to take down each area’s boss.

One of the great things of Rogue Legacy is its permanent progression system. The money you earn carries over when you die, so you can use it to buy weapons or unlock upgrades that carry over between each character. And each character you play as is a direct descendent of the one that came before it. Essentially you’re wiping out an entire lineage by having them succumb to the same beasts that killed their ancestors. Harsh.

Perhaps the most unique thing about the game, though, is that each character you play as has their own unique quirks. Your knight may have monochromacy, which means your entire run will be in black and white. Or perhaps you’ve got amnesia, which means you can’t remember where you’ve been (and as a result, your in-game minimap is useless). The conditions are numerous, and often combined with one another; it means every time you play Rogue Legacy, it’s slightly different.

As far as Roguelikes on PS4 go, Rogue Legacy is one of the best. It sucks you in and keeps you playing long after you know you ought to turn off.

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