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Beyond a Steel Sky 3

Beyond a Steel Sky is Out Now on Apple Arcade

Surprise-dropped from the [steel] sky, Revolution Software’s long-awaited sequel to 1994’s Beneath a Steel Sky is out today on Apple Arcade.

Some 26 years after the release of the previous game, Beyond a Steel Sky picks up where Beneath left off. Set in a beautiful comic book-styled world, players will embark on a rich adventure coupled with a deep and engaging narrative.

From Revolution Software, the development team behind the Broken Sword series, Beyond a Steel Sky is, of course, an adventure game at heart. Expect to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and engage in conversations with a host of colourful and believable NPCs.

We previewed the game back in April, we were impressed with pretty much everything the demo showed off, but were especially wowed by just how beautiful its world looks:

“The most striking thing about Beyond a Steel Sky is that, unlike its predecessor, it takes place in glorious, cel-shaded 3D. You can gaze down at Union City’s layered streets and raise your head to look at the towering skyscrapers. Having cracked the initial set of puzzles, I spent a good ten minutes roaming up and down a skybridge, gawping in awe at the city’s architecture.”


If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, Beyond a Steel Sky is available to play right this very moment on iPhone or iPad. If you aren’t of the Apple persuasion, all is not lost. Beyond a Steel Sky is coming to PC in July, so you won’t have to wait too much longer. There’s no word on any other formats, yet.

Give the trailer a watch below. We’ll have more on the game when it releases on PC next month.

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