Beyond a Steel Sky Story Trailer Gives Players a Glimpse of Union City

Beyond a Steel Sky 3

Launching on PC and Apple Arcade soon, a new story trailer has been released for Revolution Software’s Beyond a Steel Sky.

A cyberpunk thriller with a sense of humour and plenty of puzzles, Beyond a Steel Sky is the sequel to 80s point and click classic Beneath a Steel Sky.

You play as Robert Foster, a man who finds himself drawn to Union City, one of the last mega-cities in a world ravaged by wars and political meltdown. The reason he’s there is to rescue a young child abducted during a brutal attack on his desert dwelling community. The question is, is he up to the task?

Beyond a Steel Sky promises a world that is shaped by your actions. You’ll need to interact with characters to progress, and subvert their motivations where possible. A unique hacking tool is also available to you, and puzzles have multiple solutions depending on how you approach them.

Want to learn more about Beyond a Steel Sky before its release? Check out our hands-on preview of the game, then watch the new story trailer below.