Celebrate the Launch of The Last of Us Part II With These Covers of ‘Through the Valley’

The Last of Us Part II Artwork

Remember way back, when The Last of Us Part II was initially revealed? You know, when Ellie covered Shawn James’ Through the Valley on guitar?

Yeah, we were hazy as well. Having watched the trailer and listened to the song once again after completing the game, however, we now see why it was chosen. It is very apt as you’ll find out.

Anyway, to celebrate the launch of The Last of Us Part II, PlayStation UK has collaborated with two British singer songwriters, Dan Caplen and Emily Burns, to release their own unique cover versions of Through the Valley. They’ll also be performing them live on their own Instagram channels later today, at 6pm BST and 7pm BST respectively. Click their names above for the links.


Before then, why not check out their covers on YouTube. They’re both below, as well as the The Last of Us Part II reveal trailer which featured the song. And remember, The Last of Us Part II is available now. It’s brilliant, in case you were wondering.