Come Watch The First 20 Minutes of Survival Horror Westmark Manor

Ready for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand upright?

Out now on Steam, Westmark Manor is a survival horror game from developer Nodbrim Interactive. In it, you play as Theodore Westmark. His family’s manor, the titular Westmark Manor, is a huge old house filled with secrets. Theodore, who has spent years studying the occult, becomes obsessed with the house – and so spends his days exploring its creepy halls, trying to unlock its mysteries.

We were pretty impressed with Westmark Manor. In our review, it scored a 7/10, with us saying:

“Very quickly, Westmark Manor managed to impress in almost every way. Despite a couple of technical hiccups – I’ve had the game freeze on me twice, causing me to lose progress – the game’s threatening yet alluring atmosphere and intriguing narrative has kept me coming back. If you enjoy horror games, particularly the likes of Resident Evil or Silent Hill, then Westmark Manor is well worth adding to your collection. Just be prepared to jump out of your skin from time to time.”


It’s not perfect, then, but it does stand up as a worthwhile survival horror game. If you want a taste of what to expect, give the video atop this post a watch. In it, we play through the opening 20 minutes of the game. Turn down the lights and put your headphones on, and immerse yourself in Westmark Manor‘s atmosphere.