Brutal Arcade Puzzle Game Cyber Protocol Wants to Test Your Mettle

Cyber Protocol

Released on Switch last year, hacker-themed arcade puzzle game Cyber Protocol is now available on Xbox One. It’ll get its hooks in you – if you’re up for the challenge, that is.

You’ll likely have played games like Cyber Protocol before. Controlling a small node, you move around a grid, collecting coins as you go. You’ll only stop when you hit a wall, so carefully planning your route is critical. Easy, right? Not the way Cyber Protocol does it.

Level based, there’s 100 separate challenges to tackle in Cyber Protocol. And once you’ve got past the first couple, the game makes no attempt to hold back. New obstacles are thrown at you with abandon. First, there are explosive squares that destroy you if you stay on them for a second too long. Then, moving targets that require you to time your movements to avoid. Before long, you’ll have walls you can’t touch, laser beams that destroy you, squares you can’t hit more than once, and more. It’s a tricky beast, and it doesn’t take no prisoners.

It’s fast-paced though, so if you do die, you’re instantly thrown back into the insanity to try again. If you’re lucky enough to have reached a checkpoint, you’ll start from there. Otherwise, it’s back to the beginning of the level. You’ll learn from your mistakes each time, becoming a little more cautious of Cyber Protocol‘s many, many obstacles with each new attempt. When you do reach the safety of a level’s end point, it really is a cause for celebration.

Cyber Protocol

Except: you’ll probably want to go back at some point. Cyber Protocol is score-based, so there’s always a reason to play again: getting a better score. To obtain the higher ranking, you’ll want to complete a level with as few deaths as possible, in the quickest time, and with picking up all the coins on offer. That’s quite a feat, and requires some serious brain power in order to map out the best route.

Cyber Protocol is simple in its idea, but brutal in its execution – and it makes for a compelling combination. Getting from A to B sounds simple enough, but when you come up against every obstacle that the game wants to throw at you, you’ll realise it’s much harder than it seems. If you’re a fan of arcade puzzle games and enjoy one with a good bit of bite, give Cyber Protocol a go.

Cyber Protocol is available on Switch and Xbox One, with a PC release scheduled for later this year.