Go Deeper Than Hell in Zombie Army 4 Dead War Today

Zombie Army 4 Deeper Than Hell

Deeper Than Hell, the final chapter in Zombie Army 4: Dead War’s Hell Cult DLC campaign, is available right now on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

In Deeper Than Hell, players must fight through a long-forgotten city full of ancient terrors. Even more worrying, however, is that the source of the occult power will turn allies into enemies. If you’re eager for more zombie-slaughter, we’re pretty sure this final DLC chapter will provide it.

Deeper Than Hell isn’t all that’s been added to Zombie Army 4: Dead War today, however. Other DLC available includes the Luger Pistol Bundle, the Shotgun Pistol Bundle, the French Resistance Fighter Character, the Paratrooper Zombie Character, and Wrapping Weapon Skins. All of this is included in the game’s Season 1 pass, or available separately.


Finally, alongside the release of the DLC there’s also an update for Zombie Army 4: Dead War that offers something free for all owners of the game: Brutal difficulty. Available after completing the main campaign, Brutal difficulty makes enemies much harder to take down and also increases the amount of damage they do to you. And that’s not all. You’ll also find yourself having to deal with a reduced HUD, enemies that resurrect more frequently, and the fact that medkits are required to revive your allies. Give it a go if you think you’re hard enough.

Check out the trailer for Deeper Than Hell below.